I had so much deep level trauma to deal with

Kellie Blokkeerus has a natural pull towards coaching but she found much more than tools to do that when she joined TCI—her biggest journey has been one of personal development after addiction and depression.

Kellie Blokkeerus had always had the ability to walk into a room, meet someone, and “get their whole life story in 20 minutes,” she says. “It’s a natural thing I have. I’ve been coaching people without knowing it.”

These days, since she joined TCI in March, Kellie is turning those innate skills and her coaching tools into a new life and career, but first she had to help someone close to her heart—herself.

For two years before her father died, Kellie nursed him at home while also caring for her mum. “I developed that habit of drinking alcohol to suppress the pain and grief of what I was going through,” she says. “Then when dad passed, two years on I was still drinking.”

When Kellie woke one morning as “a mess”, she knew enough was enough and checked into rehab for alcohol addiction and depression. On her tenth day, “I had clarity and for the first time in my life realised what I wanted to do, and that was to help others who had suffered like I had.”

From her hospital bed, Kellie started researching and found TCI’s site. The first day she left rehab, she phoned the school: “I had so much deep level trauma to deal with. I didn’t love myself. I was scared but it was something I wanted to do.”

Personal development was a priority for the Victorian former sales account manager, 47, who now lives on the Sunshine Coast, because she’d “disconnected” from her IT professional wife Lucy (they met playing AFL for the same Melbourne club in 2000) and their daughter Willow, 7.

“The whole process has made Kellie love me again which has taken the relationship with my wife and daughter to a new level,” says Kellie, who has overcome her fear of being “uneducated” and made “lifetime friends” at TCI while starting her coaching business.

“I’m still growing. I’ve challenged myself and can’t wait for where this is going to take me. I feel so worthy and delighted I have the ability to point someone in the right direction or potentially save their life.”

“When I first contacted TCI, I spoke to Bianca [Bennett] and she was so calming and there was no pressure for me to sign up and join straightaway. I told her my story and she said, ‘Sit with it and I’ll call you in a few days.’ That level of care was and is amazing."

Kellie Blokkeerus
Kellie BlokkeerusAccredited professional coach

In what ways did TCI live up to or exceed your expectations?

The community. I did FOCS in May and we’ve all stayed connected, about six or seven of us have become lifelong friends. And I’m quite close to Bianca [Bennett, aka Captain Marvel] who has changed my life. She’s the reason I had clarity. We had so many calls when I joined and she never pushed, just a beautiful soul and we’re friends now.

What challenged and surprised you most?

What surprised me is my personal development so far has been huge. A game changer on so many levels.

Where are you now with your coaching journey?

I’m not sure on the niche yet but my business is Balanced Mindset Coaching. I really think the people I will attract are people who are in a bad relationship, have an addiction to illicit drugs or alcohol, and want to have self love again. I have two clients, still pro bono at this stage.

Your biggest milestone?

Again, the personal development is a different level to anything I’ve ever done. What I’ve noticed is I would always be the person in the back who never put my hand up, but now [in recent online classes] I thought, ‘I don’t care’, and now I speak up. TCI has given me the confidence I lacked.

Willow with mums Kellie and Lucy at their Queensland home.

Most successful marketing strategy?

The website and Facebook. Lucy is doing it!

What are you loving most about your coaching journey?

Meeting new people. I have two ladies I talk to nearly every morning, probably five times a day—we call ourselves The Trifectas because if one person is going down, we’re all going down.

What do you know about yourself that you didn’t before TCI?

Can of worms. That I am worthy to be successful and to live the dreams I’ve always wanted. Anything is achievable for Kellie now.

Advice for other TCI coaches?

Calm the farm and follow the process. Read your study guide and starter kit, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I didn’t for the first few months. Be proactive and show up and ask questions. Don’t sit back without putting your hand up because the questions other people ask might not be the ones you want to know.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

My wife will be retired. We’ll have a house on the canal with a boat to go to the Great Barrier Reef whenever we want. I’ll be doing retreats all around the world.

Three things you can’t live without?

A puppy dog, being outside in the sun, AFL football.

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining?

Do not hesitate. I didn’t. It’s been the best thing for me. It saved my life and the community is amazing. Just do it and worry about the how later.

Kellie Blokkeerus

Kellie loves music, dancing and “all the fun in life”, and her motto is ‘Never give up and empower your freedom for success.’ She is a fantastic home cook (specialties: lasagna, roasts and her secret family recipe burgers), is most at home in the great outdoors and is learning to surf to match her stand-up paddle board skills.

Kellie Blokkeerus
Kellie BlokkeerusAccredited professional coach