Imagine if the whole world was like TCI

Machelle Tewnion joined TCI in 2017 after health problems and concerns her career in Western medicine was masking people's symptoms, not fixing them. She now uses coaching in two businesses and has big plans.

Machelle Tewnion
Machelle TewnionAccredited Professional Coach

When she was three and growing up in New Zealand, Machelle Tewnion fell sick with a condition where “basically your airway closes up” she tells TCI. “I got it again at five, then seven … my whole life was spent growing up in hospital.”

Those experiences saw Machelle, now 32, eventually become a nurse, working mostly in emergency departments. On top of their health problems, one thing about her patients struck her.

“None of them seemed happy,” she says.

“They were having issues with family, with money. I saw a lot of dysfunction.”

When she switched to working with bone marrow transplant patients nearing the end of their lives, something changed: “They were kind, generous, they knew their family was important because their time was limited.

“I started wondering what they had that my other patients didn’t.”

Machelle Tewnion with old woman patient

“It was a world where people come together. You leave TCI’s rooms and events feeling full.”

Machelle Tewnion
Machelle TewnionAccredited Professional Coach

When the intrepid traveller and yoga teacher developed a neurological illness that saw her lose her ability so speak, walk and remember things, she started looking for solutions to help her brain recover.

She found motivational speaker Tony Robbins, and began learning NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming. And that led her to a free TCI event held in Perth and hosted by Matt Lavars.

“I loved it,” says Machelle.

“Before then, I had the ingredients to help people but not the recipe to use them.

“I wanted to do what I’d seen Matt do, so I signed up.”

That was 2017, and Machelle started in level one then eight weeks later switched to Pro Coach.

“I was looking for something that incorporated everything that I wanted to do with human behaviour. I loved the feeling of it and how everyone was a community.

“It’s a beautiful world. Imagine if the rest of the world was like that, a place that empowers and supports everyone?”

Now living back in New Zealand after stints in WA and Fiji where her partner was a pilot, Machelle is now a holistic nurse with training in massage, hypnotherapy and ayuverdic treatments whose business is called The Holistic Health Institute.

She combines her coaching skills with her health expertise, mostly in group workshops: “We start with self love because I find once you start helping people with their mind and loving themselves it’s easier to move onto the other areas.”

While she says learning the business side was challenging, Machelle is a natural entrepreneur who started a pet minding business in primary school and renovates houses with her partner to build up a property portfolio!

Machelle Tewnion

"I thought about working at TCI but decided I didn’t want to because it’s my holiday place. I go there to fill up. They look after you. It’s not just the amazing trainings, they’re always there on the phone, it’s the atmosphere they create."

Machelle TewnionAccredited Professional Coach

Where are you at now with your coaching journey?

I’m in Pro Coach.

The big turning point with your coaching journey?

My coaching journey was very messy at the beginning. Realising I wanted to work with groups was probably the turning point. Bringing the community together with that sense of belonging is really healing. I love all the different dynamics and it lights my heart up seeing people connecting.

Your biggest milestones?

I’ve had clients that had completely lost touch with their children that are now talking to them. One girl who didn’t talk to her dad at all after he left the family when she was 10 got back in contact with him.”

Your most successful marketing strategy?

Facebook and word of mouth. Actually, I’ll make it easy: give value. I knew my program was really good value, and it wasn’t until I knew that it was strong that I started marketing myself and was confident in what I was offering.”

What you loved most about your journey with The Coaching Institute?

The content and the information. It’s like a portal to so much knowledge, they give you everything.

The biggest challenge?

The marketing and the business side because I had hangups around money. I didn’t know business at all and I wasn’t that  interested in it. If it wasn’t for TCI I wouldn’t have my business.

Advice for other fabulous TCI coaches?

Follow the systems. Go through the journey of figuring out you and your barriers.

How many clients do you have?

Right now, 16 in my online group, and 51 doing a 21 day meditation challenge. My goal for this month is to make 20k. Normally it’s between 5.5 and 10K but I’m doing really well during coronavirus.

It’s not about the money—I only charge US$197 for my introductory eight week course, which is accessible. It’s more of a lifestyle for me. Usually I spend six months in India upskilling in yoga and philosophy and you wouldn’t be able to do that with any other job. It’s flexible.

Your five year plan?

I’m going to have my own retreat centre, a hub where people can come and do full health. I’ve joined with a doctor who is very passionate. I’ve also just started another business called Inner Trekking where we take people out in nature and go on hikes. You do it in silence except for an hour on one with me and another counsellor. And I’ll have my own aid organisation that helps people in developing countries with basic necessities. I already put away 10 per cent of what I earn each month towards it.

Advice for people thinking of joining TCI?

You won’t regret it. It’s my best decision. I love it. I have a life I want, helping people in a way that’s valuable.

Three things you can’t live without?

The sun. Nature. And love.

Machelle Tewnion at TCI

Machelle is a bestselling author of children’s book Chitta and the Hidden Magic. She loves exploring nature, hates cooking, studied taekwondo for years and is an experienced home renovator: “I can skim coat and do the plastering and painting and tiling. I’m good with power tools and I’m creative.”

Machelle Tewnion
Machelle TewnionAccredited Professional Coach