Staying energised no matter what: Andy Anderson’s tips

Here's why staying on your toes with physical and mental regimens can see you rocket.

Staying energised no matter what is something I've always done to maximise my days and boost my personal and professional success.

I have a very strong and successful health regimen, based on the idea, 'take care of body to take care of mind'. To have what it takes to run the businesses I have, I can't be worried about my health.

And if I'm going to be on stage, or on a podcast or on a Zoom webinar, whatever it is, I really need to be an example of what it is we're talking about.

With my regimen, I'm not driven by the obligation but by the idea that when I'm too old to keep investing in this, I better have made good investments early. I have that attitude to wealth too—I better have taken care of what I need so I'm in great shape financially.

Truth is I see everything from an investment perspective, as I told Andy Anderson, CEO of Ultimate You Change Centres during an IGTV conversation on June 9.

I'm very fortunate that my DNA seems to be programmed for long terming thinking, not short term gains.

It's very easy to exercise every day and push myself. I practice portion control. I make healthy nutritional decisions. It's about preference, not hardship.

I link it to education. I get an hour's education—minimum—every day. I create lots of rituals around time with my husband. We share gratitudes for each other every day so we keep focussing on what's working for us.

It's an investment.

Remi and Andy Anderson

Staying energised no matter what means that I do delay gratification.

I love sugar. Like, I want to eat chocolate all day. When I open my eyes I want to put it in my mouth. I want it last thing at night. I could eat chocolate all day, melted chocolate poured over other chocolate wrapped around other chocolate.

I don't eat chocolate.

It's a dumb example of how I live and stay energised all day, how I keep showing up for work and play, but it shows it's all about the short term sacrifices I make for the long term gains.

It carries into everything. I don't need the short term hit of feeling good in this moment if a hard business decision has to be made. I don't need the short term hit if a difficult conversation has to be had. I'm just going to f-----g have it.

What I'm also aiming to do daily is get rid of delusions that I might have about myself. The classic delusion is we make a decision the justify what we did it. WE're really good at justifying things to make ourselves feel good and prop ourselves up.

I'm constantly trying to figure out what I need: to feel certain, to make progress, to feel I belong.

Staying energised no matter what means doing things that have meaning. I have a list a couple of pages long—drawing, reading, exercising are some of the highlights—and when I say things that have meaning, they're things that light me up.

They're things I love doing but there's things on a deeper level: something has meaning when it means I'm being honest about what I'm doing, it has meaning when I'm growing, meaning when I face something about myself that I was hiding.

The bottom line is you'll work out what staying energised means for you.

So, carrots and no chocolate. The pain is real! Not eating what I love is a metaphorical reminder that I've got what it takes. I think, just get it out of the house so I'm surrounded by things I love that give me meaning.

I get asked a lot what it is that still drives me. I'm not driven anymore to take things to the next level, but to know myself and be more authentically me. That's not easy to do, to get the mask off and be real, which is risky.

Going deeper on how to serve and help get us all closer to genuine compassion and inclusion drives me.

And anything that pushes me means staying energised no matter what. There's no easy ride. No quick fix. But there are great results.


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