Ultimate You Quest Global Telecast

"Thank you so much for this fantastic broadcast. I am blown away by all the amazing journeys of your guests and your own passion. I am so excited to get started..."

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Ultimate You Quest Global TelecastEvent Testimonials

"Beyond inspirational..." - Alyson Williams

"I've learned so much from this telecast - never expected a whole new world to opening up for me. Thank you so much."
- Anya W.

"What a wonderful day and so much have been shared by Sharon. THANK YOU!"
- Sean Mayer

"My heart is filled with gratitude and love <3" - Robyn Campbell

"I love the rawness - so many of us have had those rock-bottom pivotal moments. So grateful we stuck round to find out what that 'more to life' things is. It is the progressive journey that has brought us to here, this moment, today. And now the next stage of the journey begins."
- Nerida Kathleen

"Wow....you are blowing me away. Wish I had this knowledge and understanding decades ago. Such positive energy in this group. Excellent program! This entire presentation is just so absolutely awesome! The enlightenment and awareness you have given me today are invaluable and I thank you!"

life coaching event
LouisePast Attendee

"Totally life changing..."
- Michael H.

"To be embraced by an exceptional community who are all on their own journey is mind blowing..."
- Trudy Cotter

"The answers to every question I've ever asked myself and morehas already been thought of and answered - it's up to me now..."
- Karyn O.

"Beyond inspirational..."
- Alyson Williams

"I'm finally coming out of my shadow and walking tall and actually being myself for the first time in 60 years.... Bring it on!"
- Steve R.

"My Ultimate Journey has enabled me to embrace the real me and to get to know me and fall back in love with me with my perfect imperfections."
- Tanya Davis

"Loving the new discoveries about me. Ultimate You Quest helped me understand why I am the way I am. I would say go for it. It is challenging, confronting but also gives you an incredible hope that this is going to be OK."
- Stephen O'Keefe

"What I am loving about the Ultimate You quest is I am reconnecting to my I-amness. What has changed is by working on my being ..instead of just gathering knowledge I am experiencing much more ‘success ‘ I’m getting the personal and professional results I want What I would say to someone... you will create the life you want by working on both your inner and outer goals and to get what the inner goals are all about you need to say yes to Ultimate You."
- Jenni Albrecht

"Thank you so much Sharon you are amazing, I have been looking for a community that I resonate with. I believe I have found it."
- Rach

"I have been completely BLOWN away - I cannot have imagined how amazing this is going to be"
- Becca Freshwater

"This has been a life changing day for me Sharon-can't express how much gratitude I have"
- Elizabeth

"I am most excited to learn more about who I truly am when I embrace vulnerability & release the shame. I love the steps & the accountability coaching & sharing style of the program."
- Teri Curtis

"I have no words to thank you and express my gratitude to you today Sharon - you are amazing!"
- Amanda

"My life changed the moment I listened to the whisper within... listen carefully to the whisper inside you. Are you ready to enter a journey of self discovery and awareness and positively transform your life?"
- Melissa Ryan

"I believe this is the missing puzzle piece for me and others! This telecast has brought me so much light and hope! I honestly can't wait to dig into this program! If you're giving away this much in the telecast then I can't wait to see what's in store. Thank you Sharon and team! Hugs..."

life coaching event
NinaPast Attendee

"Wow!! What a telecast! Thank you Sharon and your Ultimate team!!!!"
- Steve R

"This has been an epic telecast and I cant believe the massive value received from today"
- Pk Savy

"Loved it. and the stories.... WOW....so empowering"
- Kelly

"I'm loving everything about my Ultimate You journey. What I have found awesomely amazing is that Sharon and yourself plus the ones interviewed have led me on the right track the track I've been searching for forever land without beating around the bush. I'm loving truly finding out who I am as a women who is enough for herself. So far the journey has changed me incredibly. I am more in tune with my feelings and emotions and how to handle them without getting attached to the victim mentality. I would like to say that anyone who has been on a soul searching journey or intending to the Ultimate You Quest is the way to go. Delves deep within you."
- Kenisha McAnally

"A DAY WELL SPENT!!!! Thanks so much, Sharon and team!!!! Great job!!!"
- Cori

"This has been an amazing 6 hours, thank you thank you thank you!!!"
- Angela Altus

"Thank you so much you wonderful team and the amzing SP - it's been an amazing day!"
- Trudy Cotter

"Sharon, I am so glad I found you and this community!"
- Amy Marriott

"Fantastic day! So much gratitude to the entire team"
- Cyndy Broekers

"Really looking forward to completely embracing myself, achieving all I know I can achieve and sharing it with the wonderful The Coaching Institute community and the world... "
- Martine

"I am also most excited about the changes that happen because today "I resign" from being a hero, perfectionist and controller. Pick me!!"
- Teresa Brisbane

"Thank you so much for this fantastic broadcast. I am blown away by all the amazing journeys of your guests and your own passion. I am so excited to get started!"
- Jan McFadgen

"Personally I KNOW inside my heart this is different than anything else I've ever done..."
- Kristan Jones

"The support is amazing! You ask a question and there is always someone to support you and nest of all you're championed for every small or big step you take along the way!"
- Robyn Rudd

"Absolutely loving this, thank you so much for this valuable teaching, best telecast I've ever attended..."
- Samantha De Mel

"Best Broadcast I ever had. ULTIMATE YOU is the deep bottom of inner self!!!"
- Ajai

"Its a raw honest deep dive into the many layers of the self which means it bridges the gap between the head and the heart. This means one is able to understand and make sense of life's lessons and take fearless steps forward with greater confidence. If you're wondering, just take the plunge like into cold pool, don’t think about it and reap the benefits, whatever they may be for you."

life coaching event
AnnettePast Attendee

"Best journey ever! looking forward to my lifelong evolution!"
- Sarah Booth

"I love you have a strategy not fluff , this is easy to understand and explore not a quick fix but a journey worth exploring and living."
- Phil

"Watching this with my 16-year old and loving it together! xx"
- Adam Kent

"I have learned some of this in the past, but this approach that you have is wonderful to help dig in!!"
- Daniel

"Just what I needed. Thank you!"
- Anonymous

"Matt hearing your story is inspiring and gives me hope I am able to get over my own shit and be who and what I think I can be. I never believed good things could happen to me. Now with The Coaching Institute and this telecast, I know it can. I no longer have anger towards my parents, I understand completely now that it was the tribal cycle."
- Kerrie

"Three great webinars today this morning. Know I nailed the right choice! I'm now committed to be free of fear and judgement holding me in limbo. Thank you!"
- Anonymous

"I totally appreciate Matt's raw openness and sharing his story in his interview. He was a great speaker!"
- Sheri

"Matt I appreciate YOU and your message hit home for me. Thank you so much. I want to come to your Event. "
- Beth H.

Thank you Sharon. I am excited about the journey ahead. Congrats everyone for being here :-)"
- Sarah-Jane

"It's truly wonderful!"
- Cheryl

"This will help me and my children. Thank you."
- Marianne

"My beautiful wife and I have just joined up, feeling very pumped for this journey, what a blast it will be. Yehaa!"
- Jason 

"After having spoken with Michelle, your support team practices what you preach. I cannot imagine my life without the care and support I have received in just this one day. Looking forward to being the best me I can be. Thank you, Sharon, you Rock!"
- Nancy M.

"Giving my self control over my own life is the best thing I've learned from this telecast. Journey To Me - even the world bring happy tears. This SHOULD be in schools. I have cancelled all other activities this day because this is so special and so important to me - so I am staying on with you Sharon. It's a very transformational journey to experience this with you. Hugs and love to you Sharon. I am finally beginning to understand the words "you already have everything you need within you..."

life coaching event
MistyPast Attendee

"I'm getting my authentic self back so I can share my gifts with others. Thank you so much!"
- Andrea C.

"Self Esteem Triad - I really needed to learn about needs and boundaries. Thank you for this eye-opening realization."
- Aspen

"Loving this - thank you Sharon for breaking this down and taking this from the subconscious emotional to the logical conscious - gratitude."
- Joanna Tan

"I want to thank you for this amazing offer to be all that I can be. I know there is so much potential in me and impossible to do it alone. We are all created to connect and love each other."
- Karen

"Wish I found this years ago..."
- Kris

"Been here with you for 6 hours 45 minutes and getting so much out of this, thank you!"
- Mary-Lou, Ontario, Canada 

"Big aha that I am actually a people pleaser - didn't realize my Hero nature was actually a reflection of people pleasing. Thank you absolutely ready to resign and retire the role. Many aha moments! I'm happy and dancing about all that I am learning! Thank you 🙂 "
- Anne

"I've joined and very hopeful in this quest of myself!"
- Carol Ponce 

"I choose spontaneity - that's how I am changing during this webcast! Loved this message about we're all worth it! My favorite part of self-esteem triad is not going back to your tribe for approval! Easier said than done but totally achievable once you learn how to rely and seek approval only from you! I look forward to learning to depend on me and value me. This is amazing - can't wait to get my journey towards my Ultimate Me started!"
- Caroline, Canmore 

"I am loving this conversation already - lightness and joy indeed!"
- Cath Grey 

"It's a relief to have it publicly acknowledged that we don't have to be pursuing happiness all the time! Thank you for stepping up and helping us see and understand the truth about how be became who we are, Sharon!!!"
- Cori

"Time to take the journey of healing. I have begun, there has been much forgiveness and things are changing, exciting to continue this journey and see where it goes. I can't wait to change my life from within."

life coaching event
Lisa Zurk, San JosePast Attendee

"So grateful to be able to be a part of this!"
- Daisy

"I like your passion to give something to the world. Thanks very much Sharon and team for the incredible program and all the wonderful caring support."
- Damodaram from Vancouver 

"The entire self esteem triad resonates with me. I am feeling guilty for not having this information before I gave birth to my daughter, who is now 41 years old... I am looking forward to the course!! Thank you so much Sharon!"
- Deborra 

"I am so ready for change in my life. I have been so broken and ready to heal. I really want this for myself and my son..."
- Eliza, West Virginia

"This is so enlightening, we know it, but never really realised it!! You have put it so well, thanks Sharon."
- Anonymous

"I shared this telecast on my page, because this applies to EVERY human. I myself and READY! You are so needed in the world - just WOW Sharon!"
- Jade Benioni

"There is nothing more valuable than this journey back to us! Thank you!"
- Karyn O

"The more I listen, I feel the change in me. SHARON, YOU'RE INSPIRING!!!"
- Lindy

"Sharon I feel that you have X-ray eyes into my soul.... I’m bawling! The deep joy of seeing someone else smile because of me. My soul is breaking free... This is beyond powerful and meaningful..."
- Mandy

"I am so grateful to be here. Perfect timing to be open to your message Sharon"
- Olivia Kelly 

"I am 66 I wish I had this sooner. I'm in tears. This is a true blessing. I can start the healing process and really enjoy the rest of my life. I kept going back and forth knowing that I needed this. If I am to succeed, I must get out of my head. It's never too late. Sharon, thank you for making this opportunity affordable. Peace and Blessings always..."

life coaching event
Willa Peters, Maryland, USAPast Attendee

"I'm so getting this. Sharon, your words are bringing me to tears as you are speaking..."
- Rowena

"This is much more useful and hands-on than anything else I've ever seen!"
- Satya

"Thank you Sharon this was ultimately a great way to spend my Saturday. My daughter and I enjoyed it tremendously..."
- Sherry S

"So ready to go deeper and be led to places I can't get too! Thank you for your knowledge and for sharing!"
- Tina, South Dakota, USA 

"I am 66 I wish I had this sooner. I'm in tears. This is a true blessing. I can start the healing process and really enjoy the rest of my life. I kept going back and forth knowing that I needed this. If I am to succeed, I must get out of my head. It's never too late. Sharon, thank you for making this opportunity affordable. Peace and Blessings always..."
- Willa Peters, Maryland, USA  

"A wonderful telecast! I've been listening whole time. Thank Sharon and the team for the whole event."
- Patricia-K, Minot, North Dakota, USA

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