Courage To Be You Auckland

"First time I was being ME. I would never forget these two and a half days . First time I was feeling that I am being me and don’t have to filter my feelings. Met so many more amazing people and new friends. It was so much energy that I couldn’t sleep for 2 nights. And Joe made all these life skills so simple and easy to understand."
- Puneet K

Courage To Be You Auckland
Auckland, NZ- 03-05 August, 2018Event Testimonials

"Life changing..." - Vanshika

"First time I was being ME. I would never forget these two and a half days . First time I was feeling that I am being me and don’t have to filter my feelings. Met so many more amazing people and new friends. It was so much energy that I couldn’t sleep for 2 nights. And Joe made all these life skills so simple and easy to understand."
- Puneet K

"An exciting three days. A very informative 3 days and a great speaker. A lot of information given. Looking forward to seeing where it all takes me, as I signed up for the Level 1."
- Pip, Te Kauwhata, NZ 

"Honest and enlightening... The Honesty and "Aroha" (Love) that emanated from the support "Ninja's" and Joe... was so welcoming and refreshing to come across in a seminar. The fact that all that was request of us up front was that we if we only take away a better version and view of ourselves then for Joe his "Job" was done. I understand the sacrifice he makes with taking his "weekend" time away from his amazing family, as a father myself I have lost years of un-reclaimable time away from my own children. I know first hand that not everybody who turned up walked away anymore "enlightened" but hey what's half a dozen people out of 340... I have never before been in a room with so many "Strangers" and not felt the need to be emotionally on guard or willingly shared part's of myself without fear of judgement.. Big "Up's" again to the Ninja team for the Aroha from first point of contact on the Friday evening for making that warm welcome and putting everybody at ease. And as for all the amazing other people who were there with me.. You also made the whole weekend experience a "unique one of event", the combined energy and honesty is what is needed more of in this world."
- Philll, Auckland 

"Everyone should DO this! I REALLY REALLY Appreciate your time, energy and effort that you all put in and the delivery and organisation was no less than a paid event. No corners were cut and we all got treated as 'important' whether we invested in the programme or not. You shared with us some extremely important insights and LOVED your story telling! Highly recommend this.....THANK YOU sooooooo much."
- Jan Ellis

"Fantastic. Great for personal development. Came along not knowing what I would expect to change within myself. Taught me to move forward and focus on what's in front of me and not on the past. To build a better relationship with my husband as we were both travelling in two totally different directions due to us both running separate businesses. There was a lot of knowledge expressed and the way that Joe presented everything was fantastic. Thumbs up to this event would recommend it to friends and family."
- Vee 

"Had an incredible time. Learnt so much on this weekend. Got an awesome inside into others as well as myself and how to build a better me. Absolutely recommend it!!"
Winston, Auckland  

"More than I anticipated!! Joe's quick responses for difficult questions was what kept me there...the content and the way it was delivered was on point amazing experience
Grateful for someone who makes sense without the fakeness"
- Joey 

"Surpassed all expectations. This conference was up there with one of the best I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to a lot. Not because the content was so specific to me or because I walked out a different person, but because Joe made it feel real and something I could connect so easily with!
Joe’s style is unique and amazing. He made it feel like our feelings were normal and something to be expanded on, not changed. His humour, his real approach and his real life examples made you easily relate and I could easily apply the theory to my own life. It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t confronting or uncomfortable, just a different way to think and let go."

Courage To Be You Auckland
AmandaPast Attendee

"10/10! Really enjoyed my experience and the things I have learnt. Was very insightful and very inspirational.
Thanks Joe and team :)"
- Jos 

"The best seminar! Joe Pane is an amazing speaker and it was a privilege to be at the Courage to Be You seminar. Day 2, I noticed my wallet containing my cellphone, cash, credit cards and ID, was missing and of course I went into panic mode . But you know what..instead of searching for my stuff, I decided to return to my seat and continue to listen to Joe speak because it was just too good to miss!"
- Lee T 

"Amazing Experience. Thank you for viewing and caring me as a person. From the moment I registered for this workshop, I felt that I was being cared as a person, and I was not alone, and feeling welcome to that workshop with all email, texts and FB messages that I’ve received. Those 3 days workshop was amazing and strengthen my belief of everyone is unique in their own way, the first thing is to love yourself and trust yourself. Deeply appreciate for all your efforts for making this happened. Thank you :)"
- Bernice

"Amazing weekend. I attended this seminar on an invitation from someone...OMG AMAZING, my eyes were opened to new possibilities & to something I had been looking for in the past 6 months BRILLIANT."
- Boop, Auckland 

"Sensational experience. Courage to be You was one of the best training weekends I have had in my career. Every sentence felt like a gem of learning of raising my awareness. The total utter brilliance of how Joe presented the information from the heart, with passion, humour, amazing knowledge and genuine authentic transparency. I loved every minute, every challenge of new questioning of myself. I also loved the energy of the Ninja crew. Fellow students loving and giving unconditionally. Thanks so much for an amazing weekend. Can’t wait for Foundations in a few weeks."
- Deb 

"More than I expected. Best conference I have been to in a long time where I was totally captivated and inspired. Joe Pane is a very charismatic speaker, real, honest, amazingly funny with great stories to illustrate points, and of course very knowledgeable about human behaviour, and indeed a great Life Coach. Filled with enthusiasm I loved his facilitation style, and coaching actions/tools he imparted to enable me to feel more confident to MOVE.. MOVE.. MOVE..and focus on what is in front of me and indeed have the Courage to be You/me. I also respected that he personally greeted me on day 2, I couldn't make the registration evening. "
- Anonymous 

"Courage to be YOU - Life changing weekend! So glad I attended this event. Joe is such an amazing speaker - he shared openly, engaged with the audience and he was so entertaining and energetic! This event has changed my perspective on so many things. The event was free but what I got out of it was invaluable. I did not feel compelled to purchase any of their products or sign up for the courses. The team was very friendly, helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend it and am looking forward to attending future events with them."

Courage To Be You Auckland
Vanshika, HamiltonPast Attendee

"Eternally grateful. The weekend was enlightening, energising and informative. My head my heart and my body feel light. with a sense of gratitude to TCI for the opportunity to be part of a beautiful culture that the world should learn about. It was refreshing to meet and be with like minded people. Eternally grateful."
- Sho 

"Truly inspiring and catalystic! The energy that the ninja crew and Joe brought to the three days was a true representation of walking the walk and talking the talk!
Joe has an energy and aura that shines through in a truly sincere and grounded manner. Joe’s anecdotes are so relatable and touches the heart in such a way that I feel like I know his whole family now! Through these stories Joe could weave the teachings and learnings of our true human behaviour to a level that everyone present could be a part of.
Joe breezed through three days of non stop talking, and I didn’t tire of listening and engaging my mind heart and soul, to the amazing ‘content’ that was so well presented/shared.
Thank you for igniting the spark and the true reminders. I trust you felt on top of the world after the three days, you Joe and your whole team whom helped make the whole event seamless."
- Saskia 

"Inspiring, hilarious & motivating. Fabulous Weekend Workshop. Courage to be you weekend has sparked a little fire in my soul and encouraged me to think outside my tiny bubble of safety. I have been inspired and motivated to progress myself in all areas of my life. Priceless weekend .. and a lot of fun"
- Belinda 

"Inspiring! I’m still buzzing from being in a room filled with like-minded people and the way that Joe brought us together. Joe is inspiring and through his teachings, his humour, his real ness, his truth, his passion, he has ignited my fire to continue on my path, my journey and have the courage to be me."
- Jo 

"enCOURAGing. This was the first time I've attended a TCI event. It greatly helped in gaining clarity and encouraged me to do what I know is right for me and helped to deal with feelings such as guilt and anxiety. Since the event I've found myself thinking "What would Joe say to this?"."
- Yules