Why coaching is more important now than ever

Nobody needs to be told that the world has changed but we do need to understand it's a permanent thing. The new normal is forever. Here's why that makes coaching so valuable.

Nobody needs reminding right now that the world has changed but they do need to understand there’s a new permanent normal, and why coaching is more important now than ever.

There are three reasons coaching is more important now than it has ever been. That’s no exaggeration or hyperbole—because of all the forces that are colliding because of the pandemic (think health fears, unemployment, global uncertainty for starters) what coaches do is vital.

Most of us around the world need to follow guidelines for social distancing. And that brings with it not just physical distance but often the feeling of isolation.

I live and work with my girlfriend, so we’ve done Melbourne’s extended lockdowns pretty easily compared to others. We’ve given each other enough space to create music, cook, exercise, be silly. All those things which nurture us, and I have loved looking across at her every day knowing we have safe front row seats to a historic event together.

Others don’t have that same security and support, which is why coaching is more important now than it’s ever been.

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One of the important parts of human psychology is belonging. We need each other.

2020 technology like Zoom and Skype calls means we can remain emotionally connected while we’re socially distanced. To be able to reach out for someone else—to be able to have more connection even for yourself as a coach let alone for others—is something that fills up our cups.

And right now this truly matters.

The second reason is to be able to not just reach out but to make a difference when you do. This can be as simple as checking in with someone and seeing how they’re going, or it can be something a little deeper.

So many people need guidance, and living a life filled with passion purpose and commitment starts with education. It starts with learning about how to get our mind working for us instead of against us.

Learning how to understand our own emotional needs. Learning how to feel and express our emotions instead of holding onto them and pushing them down, which can cause stress or illness.

Learning how to have functional relationships, which is something many of us weren’t taught much.

A coach learns and understands human behaviours, and shares that with clients, giving them guidance to be able to live a more functional life with more passion and fulfilment and positivity.

Last up when it comes to why coaching is more important now than ever: you can do what you love.

One of the things I believe is it’s our responsibility as humans to discover what we love, then do it.

Bring it to life.

Be able to say on Monday mornings, ‘I’m so pumped for today because I get to do what I love’ instead of dreading them and living for the weekends so you get a two-day break from something that is destroying you.

When we do what we love, we gain energy and fulfil ourselves by really falling in love with what we do. Usually that means we’re better at our job because it’s a passion and not just something that makes us money.

And that is great for us, for those around us, for the world.

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Matt Lavars is one of Australia's leading coaches, trainers and speakers, and head facilitator at The Coaching Institute. In between mentoring thousands of coaches and leaders all around Australasia and helping others build incredible culture, Matt is passionate about fitness and music. His healthy office lunches whipped up in five minutes are the stuff of legend.

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