You must be willing to jump off the cliff

First ever Australian Coach of the Year Yasmin Raja updates The Coaching Institute community on her latest successes and dreams

Yasmin Raja
Yasmin RajaAccredited Professional Coach

When The Coaching Institute last caught up with Yasmin Raja in early 2019, she was building her business slowly and loving life.

So we at TCI were thrilled when the Australian Coach of the Year 2019 reached out again to the community with an update on her reflections on her coaching journey and where she's heading next—plus a recap of her latest Hot Seat experience with Ilse Strauss.

Over to you, Yasmin!

"Before I came to Australia, I always dream to become one of the best high paid motivational speaker. 15 years living as a migrant, I went through a tough journey, dealing with so much challenges and pain. Hence, I lost my dream. In 2017, I hit rock bottom. I was a broken woman, full of anger, frustration, sadness, shame, bruise, regret.

During that difficult moment, a friend suggested me to visit TCI. With only $100 in my pocket, I took a train and decided to attend a training.

I signed up for Pro Coach, despite being financially insecure. I was determined enough to begin my journey and chase after my dream again.

I worked so hard, learning and building my skill consistently with full support from the TCI, WOW and DREAM teams.

Throughout my learning process, I fall, I made so much mistakes, I felt ashamed but I suck it up, I cried, I got up and I kept going. I got more help and finally I managed to equip myself with great tools and strategies to become the best speaker, coach, mentor and trainer. The result is amazing!

During her first Hot Seat session with Ilse, Yasmin Raja learned to improve her speaking skills and strategy.

She learned about seeding and changing her mindset to, 'It is all about them, it is not about me.'

She's gone from "zero knowledge" to being able to use 4Mat and Milton language, and being able to pitch her program on stage confidently: "I handled my own events, from two participants to 25", says Yasmin, who earned $2655 for a two hour session.

In her second Hot Seat in May 2020, "I was so thrilled because I learnt heaps again. And this time I would love to learn how to increase my participants' number from 25 to 60 as a benchmark.

"In five years' time, I'm aiming for a big conference reaching 1000-5000 audience."

Here, Yasmin shares the values, strategies and takeaways from her latest mentoring session:

✅ After participants registered for my workshop, I always do a stick call. call. However, I found a gap where I did not have a proper script to guide me in getting the participants to commit and attend my workshop.

If the participant missed the call, make sure we leave them with a punchy message so that they feel they must return the call. Minimum stick call is one and maximum is twice. Hence my commitment now it to create a stick script.

✅ I must be very consistent in getting leads. Most of my leads are generated from Facebook and my speaking gig. Now I must be good using Facebook ads.  I will commit for 6 months to learn and be good with them. I will start exploring the terms, the techniques, reading the data and tweaking the ads until I can see the results coming in consistently.

“Ilse, thank you so much for guiding me to see the gap on where I can improve, and at the same time building a strong mindset and strategy to move forward in scaling my business to the next level."

Yasmin Raja
Yasmin RajaAccredited Professional Coach

Yasmin Raja continues sharing what she now knows:

✅  I will map out the process and strategy from the start of the workshop invitation using mind mapping/conceptual map. This will help me focus on the process with T.O.T.E strategy to ensure I will continuously getting a benchmark of 60 participants.

✅  For the long term strategy to obtain 1000-5000 participants, I must be willing to hire the best designer and social media manager. To grow my business, I must get ready in building my team and grow together. The next learning process will be how to become a leader.

I must learn to delegate with confidence.

All up, Yasmin says she had a "massive learning" experience: "And thank you so much to my best TCI mentors Remi PearsonMatt LavarsIlsé Strauss. Definitely I will continuously share my journey and my success on this platform."

The accredited professional coach winds up with this 'moral of the story':

"If you really want to get the best result in you, you must be willing to jump off the cliff no matter how scary it is.

Because this is the only way you know whether you fall and hurt or you will fly high. Either way, you are learning and growing."

Before starting at The Coaching Institute in April 2018 and pursuing a career as a coach, Yasmin was a lecturer and teaching assistant at a public university. She loves to share knowledge and see how people learned and progressed. Her business is called EQBIZ—Emotional Intelligence in Business—and she works with business owners who are feeling lost and looking for solutions.

Yasmin Raja
Yasmin RajaAccredited Professional Coach