Before TCI I was addicted to the shiny things

In his corporate life, business coach PK Savy was driven by money and the security it bought. Now his addictions are less tangible, more powerful: self-love and helping others.

PK Savy
PK SavyBusiness coach

PK Savy can’t “put a dollar figure” on the man he’s become since he joined TCI in 2017, but what he can confirm is how rich his personal and professional worlds are thanks to coaching.

In a “dark place” three years ago, the Brisbane business coach now has a booming business with a seven-strong team which has successfully pivoted online during COVID-19. He has clients in far flung locations like Denmark, Hong Kong, San Diego and London and has launched a podcast.

And while business success with Infinite Success International is one thing, PK has also found something more valuable: self-love.

“The community of coaches is one of the other big things I couldn’t have seen would happen. It is the infinite resource of kindness and insight and maturity and every time I have a question … there is a battery of responses that are enlightened, resourceful. That has helped me enormously.”

PK Savy
PK SavyBusiness coach
PK Savy and team

“The dictionary describes something like four or five thousand thoughts and emotions available to us and I realised my life before coaching probably centred around three,” says PK, 55.

“Self loathing. Anger. Frustration.”

They have now been replaced with much more positive emotions says PK, whose journey to fulfilment had its roots in his years as a Telstra sales exec.

“About seven years in, it was my whole life,” he admits.

“You get addicted to the $15,000 bonus cheques every month, I got addicted to the shiny things.

“The purpose had left me and I hadn’t noticed.”

A restructure saw PK take the “opportunity to get out” of his corporate role and develop a housekeeping business in Brisbane. But while he gave his clients “leverage of time”, his own focus was again on “financial outcomes … money, the security that money gave. It led me into a place of false identity and purpose.

“All of a sudden I started finding myself alone a lot. I was struggling to find the meaning of it all.

“Emotional intimacy left me feeling impotent and powerless. I was terrified of being close to people yet I yearned for that.”

In a "dark" place, PK found TCI was “somehow” on his radar in mid-2017 and he attended his first training where he developed “a secret man crush” on head trainer Matt Lavars: “I needed someone to back my play and what he said hit me like a brick.”

Since PK joining TCI in Masters before upgrading to Pro Coach, “my life has not been the same.”

While gaining knowledge he's lost 30kgs and coaching “has been full of every challenge I can think of and every reward I did not know was humanly possible," he says. "It means a lot to me.”

What has TCI given you?

My self worth has been located. I’m surrounded by the most magnificent people in a community of thinkers and givers. I am loving my life.

Where are you at on your TCI journey?

I’m in Pro Coach, am close to finishing. I don’t want to stop the journey. I’ve oved heaven and Earth to be available for Meta I and II and the ICG summit as a team member, be immersed in it.

What have you struggled with?

Vulnerability is the thing I have the biggest hassle with.

Tell us the secret to your success.

Putting other people first and trying to help them get what they want, and to focus on that to the best of my skill and ability because ultimately all things will be returned. I get asked all the time: get used to 100 hours a week, be challenged, study like a moron then don’t eat for two days. This thing is hard work. The call to excellence from TCI, I am completely sold on that.

Where are you at with your business?

I have six clients who fit into what you would call leadership on a retainer scenario. At any given time we have four business or corporate clients. During COVID, moving the business [online] was much easier than I thought it was going to be, so all the excuses I had about being somewhat technophobic were all BS.”

In what ways did TCI live up to or exceed your expectations?

Oh my God, they have never ever let me down. I am here to tell you, every interaction with TCI has been of a quality and consistency that makes you think I did something good, I’m actually dead, I’m in Elysium and the sun is shining on my face.

“This journey is the gift that keeps giving, and the time that you want to be doing something in coaching is absolutely right now. Anybody considering this journey, I urge you and implore you give yourself the best gift you’re going to give yourself, ever. Do something about it today.”

PK Savy
PK SavyBusiness coach

Biggest milestones?

Signing my first 100K a year client. I needed it to happen and it was a referral as most of my work is, we had a coffee and he said ‘This is what I want to do’ and my brain exploded—‘Have I got what it takes?

Your most successful marketing strategy?

I am a hunter. I have mastered the opportunity to work very deeply in my niche, which is telco and finance, principally because I speak their language and understand their problems. I never move out of my market. Master your market!

What do you know about yourself that you didn’t before TCI?

I’m loveable.

Advice for other fabulous TCI coaches?

Read all the manuals! When I mentor I only mentor a coach who demonstrates to me they have game and are prepared to do the yakka. I make them do things they don’t want to, like sixty cold calls a week.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

If I do everything I believe mentors have asked—Sharon’s advice about buckets, commitment to being an elite level learner—in five years if I am not a world class speaker having written a few books there’s something wrong.

Which three things can you not live without?

The love and connection I have developed on the journey. The community. The challenge of wanting to do better. I really want to be excellent at this and I know I’m not yet.

PK Savy

PK has discovered the secret of success is in serving and learning to love other people because that’s where you are going to find and love yourself. He loves hanging out with cool people and according to his Meta profile, conscientiousness is his superpower.

PK Savy
PK SavyBusiness coach