ICG winners celebrate after the epic Annual Summit

Almost 200 coaches gathered over the weekend for the ICG Annual Summit to recognize & celebrate five outstanding individuals in the international coaching community

Accepting the International Coach Guild (ICG) International Coach of the Year award, Joanna Howes was a touch speechless. “I went from someone who was very, very lost, to having a life I’m incredibly grateful for,” said the UK-based business coach when she found her voice.

Joanna was one of five outstanding coaches who were among the ICG winners 2020 at this year's virtual Annual Summit 2020 held over the weekend of November 7 and 8.

With close to 200 online coaches at the summit, it was an important campfire moment for ‘The Future of Coaching’, which was this year's apt theme.

The community came together to celebrate the winners of the five prestigious awards, shortlisted from a nomination process then handpicked based on the ICG Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

"The work that coaches are doing all over the world is now more important than ever, and this is really important to be recognised," TCI's head trainer Matt Lavars says.

"It is time to see coaching as a profession, and ICG plays a phenomenal role in this."

International Coach of the Year

International Coach of the Year award is the headliner of the event, handed to an outstanding individual who demonstrates exceptional all-roundedness as a competent professional coach, business owner, and a leader in their field.

Our awardee Joanna Howes, as mentioned above, has found huge success just three years after joining TCI and two after starting her own business. She spoke on stage at Oxford University and achieved a six-figure business in six months while co-authoring a No 1 bestseller. She’s launched group coaching products and built online programs, and worked with the world’s top advertising agency.

Life Coach of the Year

The Life Coach of the Year is one that demonstrates excellent competence in professional life coaching and beyond, and are the paragon of personal development.

Our awardee, Alicia Ann Wade, brings an authentic perspective to her Queensland business which has corporate and one-on-one clients. She is a global gratitude expert, peak performance coach and mentor who works with local communities to help create change.

"When the external world awards you, you know you are taking the right steps in your business and life," she said, accepting the award.

"To see me recognised for this means the world and to have my family there shows me I have the support I need to make my dreams come true."

Business Coach of the Year

The Business Coach of the Year is an outstanding individual who provides and demonstrates outstanding coaching to business owners, with their own business as a model of excellence for clients.

Now still in his twenties, awardee Rashid Mubashir moved to Australia from Pakistan seven years ago to help his family financially. In 2020 he’s still doing that but is also helping clients in his coaching business. A human and business performance expert, Rashid’s expertise sees him charge up to $500 an hour and he has 20 clients, all on 12-month retainers.

The coach proudly shares what receiving this award means to him: "Today, I can say that I have started to make that positive difference in the world that my parents raised me with the hope for...on to the next level of serving business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders across the world now."

Leadership Coach of the Year

The Leadership Coach of the Year is one who commits to educating and developing the best leaders of our generation, to be equipped with the most effective leadership styles, communication skills, and to strengthen their self-confidence and well-being.

High behaviour specialist and mindset master Mary Jensen took this award home, has created a seven figure business since she joined TC in 2014, all while working between 20 and 25 hours a week.

"The [International Coaching] Guild takes care of my business with the code of ethics and standards. Our clients know there is a professional set of standards this gives them certainly that they receive a high level of coaching," says Mary.

"Now to receive this award lets them know we are at the top of these standards. I love helping people. This will give M Power Services the visibility and ability to help even more clients."

Rising Star Coach of the Year

The Rising Star Coach of the Year is awarded to an individual relatively new in their coaching journey, but as the name suggests, has taken heaps of action and has much to show for it.

Rising Star awardee Hayley Latcham is a body image coach whose passion for leading women towards self-acceptance and freedom from disordered eating has seen her launch her own successful business, recently as a finalist in the Canberra region Local Business Awards.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Hayley voices that “transforming your life and yourself is a choice". Her advice? "When you don’t yet trust in yourself, trust the system. Especially when it is created by people who have achieved what you want to achieve and solved the problem you want to solve. Two years later I am doing work I never ever dreamed I’d be doing.”

Great work, amazing ICG winners 2020! We can't wait to see the next ways you find to serve the coaching community and live your ideal lives.

Read more about the International Coach Guild—its history, vision, mission and how it is setting the highest coaching standards worldwide here.

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