Three major global trends in business coaching for 2021

Business coaching is one of the fastest-growing global industries. Here's how it's shifted in 2020 and what you need to know to rock your business and clients heading into next year.

There are three major global trends in business coaching for 2021, and I want to share where the industry—one of the fastest-growing in the world—is heading.

I wonder if you're already getting a feeling for some of them, and starting to set yourself up for complete success.

The first is that business is personal.

Anyone who sticks by the old maxim that business isn’t personal isn’t ready for what the coming year is going to bring.

2021 will be all about the personal relationships you’re building, especially with everything now going on in the world.

The pandemic has meant plenty of isolation but with everyone jumping on virtual communication platforms, it’s also made the business world more immediate and accessible.

People are making decisions in business based on who they connect with. They want real people. And the businesses and coaches who are succeeding are the ones helping businesses connect with their customers on a personal level.

It’s no longer just about the price of the product but about whether or not the business genuinely cares about their client, whether they are a values match, whether there is an authentic person behind the brand.

It’s about building trust between you and your future clients and helping your clients do the same.

The second trend in business coaching is that leadership is inspiration.

With the workforce becoming more and more geographically dispersed, as people work online and from home in virtual spaces, people want something to believe in.

They are looking to their leader not just for authority—authority leadership is the old model based on hierarchy, titles, micro management and the boss telling you what to do.

That’s not how people want to be led anymore, and there are many businesses who need a coach like you to guide them and help them navigate what does it take to inspire people in your team.

That’s what your team is looking for … they want their leader to lead by example, they want to be self empowered by the leader to take responsibility, to be inspired and see the vision and what’s possible for them.

They want to understand that deeper psychology behind not just telling people what to do but inspiring them to want to go above and beyond and come up with new ideas and innovations.

They want autonomy with structure.

That’s the game, and there are some great frameworks, models and strategies that as a business coach you can bring to your clients.

The third major trend? Coaching is now becoming critical.

The ability to mentor and develop another person to give feedback, to empower the people around you, that’s no longer optional—that’s a critical skill for any business to thrive today and into the future as we step into 2021.

The Harvard Business Review published an article recently on the importance of coaching as a skill that leaders need to have. It means they can navigate the uncertainty of the current economy to keep their people motivated and connected and to be able to lead their business through uncertain times.

As a business coach, as somebody who can learn how to bring research-based coaching methodology, mentoring and feedback models, who can empower leaders and teams, you have an immense gift to bring to the world.

It will make such a difference for your current and future clients.

Elysium ‘Glam’ Nguyen

As The Coaching Institute's chief extraordinary officer, Elysium 'Glam' Nguyen is an expert on almost anything and everything but her passion is marketing. In visionary style, Glam (yes, her nickname is inspired by her fashion aesthetic and no, she never wears the same thing twice) brings fresh ideas while challenging the old, updates best practices and disrupts conventions

Elysium Glam Nguyen
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