What a business coach actually does

One of the questions that TCI gets asked most is what a business coach actually does. Here's the answer, seen through the four levels successful coaches are using now to empower businesses.

Having mentored and trained thousands of business coaches in Australia and around the world, one of the questions I get asked most often at the beginning of anyone’s journey in becoming a successful business coach is what a business coach actually does.

If you are reading this, chances are you have been exploring business coaching for a while and something is telling you this could be a great career pathway. If that resonates, I’d love to share the four levels of business coaching that successful coaches are using right now.

The first level is collaborator.

What that mean is if you are a collaborator business coach, your super power is people.

You understand them. You connect with them. People love sharing with you and coming to you for help and support.

You bring a wonderful heart to empowering people and combine that with the right tools, performance management skills and coaching modules to make a massive difference in helping people in the business to become the best they can be.


When you go into a business, your super power is helping the whole organisation take action.

You might be doing that right now or can see yourself becoming that dynamo business coach where you can go into any business, identify their priorities and help them double their productivity.

You can help them take action on the things they’ve been putting off or are unsure about. You’re guiding them, holding their hand and helping them get the results they should be getting.

If that’s you, then you are a dynamo, and being a dynamo business coach is probably where you are going to want to be heading towards.


How many of these boxes do you tick? You have a mind for business and structure and systems. Not just that, it’s what you love.

You combine that passion and understanding with research-based models and evidence-based management tools and coaching methodologies and can see yourself bringing them together to help businesses transform their systems, improve operations, be able to replicate success in sustainable and scaleable ways.

If that’s how you think, if systems and structures light you up, then you are probably what we call an architect business coach, and through learning to become a successful business coach you can really dive in and bring that gift to life.


This is as sweeping as it sounds! You are a visionary or you can see yourself having even more of a vision of yourself, your clients, businesses and the impact those businesses can create with you as their business coach.

At this level you’re working with the whole organisation on culture change, on creating an empowering environment where people thrive.

And it’s no longer a business—it’s a brand, it’s a global mission, it’s a vision that people want to be a part of. Everyone from employees to clients to customers to managers to the business owners you’re working with is lit up, passionate and driven about why they do what they do.

And you are there as the visionary business coach to help them connect with that, tap into that and breathe life and soul into a business.

You can help businesses grow beyond that, into a mission.

If that’s you and you can feel you have some of that gift within you, you can see people light up a bit more about how they are connecting with their why, you are looking for the coaching methodologies that can help you build your dream career as a successful business coach, I’d love to offer the opportunity even more for you to join and tap into more of that within you.

It’s an incredible live global telecast we’re running to become a successful business coach.

Four dimensional model that successful business coaches are using right now: people, structure, environment and culture change level for businesses all around the world and how to tap into that.

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