Disruptive leadership in changing times

If you're always looking for ways to make an impact and better solutions, TCI's first global leadership coaching summit will give you strong strategies for success

Disruptive leadership in changing times. Sounds awesome in its power, doesn't it? Like a giant hand is picking up things in an office or inside a brain and scrambling them all around, making a new normal out of what was just plodding along.

Tesla's Elon Musk and Amazon's Jeff Bezos are disruptive leaders who pushed behavioural and cultural boundaries, and created huge wealth from overturning their own frames of reference and mindsets.

The Coaching Institute's Remi Pearson—who famously zigs when others zag—was ahead of the curve, writing about the brand of shaking up expectations in her 2015 bestseller Disruptive Leadership: Four Simple Steps to Creating a Winning Team.

TCI knows strong 'outside the box' skills are needed by all true leaders in changing times, so we're bringing you our free global virtual Disruptive Leadership broadcast.

"Whether you're someone who is a brand new leader, an aspiring one, or someone who is already there and your job is coaching other leaders, this will be extremely valuable for you and your business," says head coach Matt Lavars.

"You'll learn the tools, tips and strategies to take your leadership game to a whole new level.

"How to lead yourself and others through changing times."

Matt—with special guests Remi Pearson, global mindset and thought leader John Assaraf and TCI's Joe Pane—will share models and frameworks during the broadcast which will have an immediate impact on how you lead.

Remember, you're in good hands. The Coaching Institute is Australasia's No 1 coaching school and has been training coaches and leaders since 2004.

"During this time it's become a phenomenal company that has overcome many challenges to become a market leader in this industry," says Matt.

"During the recent pandemic TCI has not just survived but thrived, and many members have done the same thing."

Down to business: at Disruptive Leadership, Matt and guests share a framework called the Critical Alignment Model.

"It's the foundation of how we've created a successful company and also mentored and coached many other business owners to do the same."

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During the Disruptive Leadership broadcast, you'll be taken through four elements to create a thriving business:

  • Environment: your business' culture, values, mission, standards.
  • Structure: benchmarks or lack of, systems in place and training.
  • Physical environment: structure, the actual actions each team member takes each day, the power around setting up daily rituals.
  • People: recruitment: hiring, having a culture based on feedback.

The teaching will be based on models created by Remi—who is paid $30k a day by businesses for her leadership expertise.

And you'll be getting it free, wherever you are in the world, if you want to better yourself and your business.

You'll also hear about going from chaos to certainty in your business in changing times, and how to avoid reactivity and a lack mentality.

"Especially if you're a leader, how you are showing up emotionally right now will determine the emotional state of everyone in your business," says Matt.

"The first way to do it is not be reactive."

You can find more in the Disruptive Leadership book here!

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