What is Meta Dynamics™?

And how you can use it in your coaching, relationships & life

If you love learning about yourself - and others - Meta Dynamics™ will help you build your dreams, and life into specific, achievable outcomes that you can easily follow.

It is, therefore, the study—or the Art—of knowing how you make those decisions, so you can create the results you want. In fact, Meta Dynamics™ will even provide you with the specific steps, or blueprint, to help you get there.

Developed by Remi Pearson utilising over a decade of experience as a highly successful and influential coach, leader, trainer, mentor and business owner—and previously only available to private clients—Meta Dynamics™ revolutionises the next level of personal and professional evolution.

It is the most innovative breakthrough in human behaviour, and neuroplasticity, since NLP, based on the original work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

For nearly half a century, NLP has provided solutions for a happier and more fulfilling life for millions of people around the planet...

Meta Dynamics™ takes a giant leap forward… It is the next stage of evolution in NLP and coaching, and is proven to get you results—faster than you’ve ever experienced them.

How Is Meta Dynamics™ Different To Traditional Coaching?

The difference between old-style coaching and Meta Dynamics™ is this: while traditional coaching models focus on the actions the client can take—based on a simple observation of an event—the Meta Dynamics™ model goes much deeper…

You may already know this… Traditional coaching focuses on the actions your client takes, and places emphasis on creating the mindset necessary for achieving sustainable change.

Traditional Coaches Tap Into Your Experiences Like This…

It’s a model that works well on the surface, however, to truly flourish and to create lasting change, it is vital to go deeper and understand your perceptions of the world, because they play a FAR more important role than simple observations of an event.

YOUR perception IS your reality! The Meta Dynamics™ Experience Looks Like This…

Meta Dynamics™, however, takes a giant leap forward from the traditional ‘event’ focused coaching session and looks instead at your perceptions, so that you have the best opportunity for influencing your response, and therefore your results.

This approach allows you to create—and sustain—a more complete path to transformation for you, and your clients.

What if you were to look at life like this?

Everything you see, hear or experience is specific to you, and influences how you experience an event. Another way to look at it is that you don’t experience the world the way it is, you experience the world based on who you are.

When you grasp the idea that you create a universe by perceiving it, you instantly recognise that everything in the universe—and every event — you perceive is specific to YOU.

Meta Dynamics™ is The Frame - it's a game-changer because it is a model of how the brain works to organise everything that goes in, in order to strive for the best outcomes that it knows how. That's the reality that we experience.

If you find yourself repetitively "wishing you could...", "resenting X because...", "getting annoyed...", "getting saddened...", "feeling tired from the challenge that things keep going against you..." or just wish you could "find greater happiness", "find greater excitement", "be this", "be that", "find that shot of motivation so you can start 'doing' and not distracting yourself (killing time)", then you, secretly perhaps, want to learn how to use Meta Dynamics™.

Thomas DuncanAccredited Professional Coach, The Coaching Institute

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”– Marcel Proust

Here’s a quick breakdown of your experience:

  1. Because of this change in you, the event is experienced differently.
  2. Because you experience the event differently, your response is different
  3. Because your response is different, the result changes.

However, you may probably know that perception is multi-dimensional, so Meta Dynamics™ goes another step further by looking at the six layers, or dimensions, of perception—we talked about earlier-- that determine all your experiences…

What Levels Of Perception Are There?

As a Meta Dynamics™ Practitioner, by looking at ALL six dimensions of perception, it becomes easier to understand exactly how your client approaches and perceives an event:

  • What excites them?
  • What scares them?
  • What worries them?
  • Or whether they are away or avoid people?

Once you know this you can tailor a step-by-step blueprint that will help your clients clearly shape their perceptions and, therefore, shape their responses—leading to swift transformation.

By upgrading your coaching skills to the Meta Dynamics™ ‘perceptual’ level, and connecting to your clients through their perceptions, you will have an effective way to make a ‘real’ difference to your client’s lives by getting to the root of what’s holding them back...

At the same time as helping your clients in a profoundly deep way, it’s easy to imagine that you will developed a new-found confidence as a coach because you now have an artful tool at your disposal that gets your clients results—and they will love you for it.

Critical Alignment Model

Meta Dynamics™ focuses and engages four levels of thinking

By now you probably realise that Meta Dynamics™ isn’t just ‘coaching’, it dives much deeper than that.

Created using four dimensions of human behaviour, the Meta Dynamics™ Critical Alignment Model will give you an easy to follow, step-by-step map for identifying where you are right now, how you can improve, and ways to naturally develop yourself—instantly.

The four areas are: Environment, Structure, Implementation, and People, and as a coach, consultant, or trainer, knowing and applying these four dimensions in your practice will completely transform the way you coach…

So what are the four dimensions of the Meta Dynamics™ Critical Alignment Model?

ENVIRONMENT The first level in the Meta Dynamics™ Critical Alignment Model is about the OUTCOME you want to achieve.

‘Environment’ connects to your thinking style and how it relates to creating an environment that is useful for motivating and inspiring your reality as well as overcoming personal obstacles.

STRUCTURE The second level in the Meta Dynamics™ Critical Alignment Model is about what you need to ACHIEVE the outcome.

‘Structure’ connects to your thinking style and how it relates to designing a strategy and plan that helps you achieve the results you desire—and your ability to anticipate and solve any challenges along the way.

Structure is the benchmark of what YOUR success looks like.

IMPLEMENTATION The third level in the Meta Dynamics™ Critical Alignment Model will show you how to apply the ACTIONS you need to take to achieve your desired outcome, and how this compares to your ideal benchmark.

‘Implementation’ connects to your thinking style and how it relates to delivering results, and your ability to stay focused on your goals with a strong sense of purpose and accountability.

By knowing about your implementation level you can easily track, review and fine-tune your progress.

PEOPLE The fourth level in the Meta Dynamics™ Critical Alignment Model takes into consideration WHO needs to be involved, how they will be involved, and how they are evolving to achieve the desired outcome.

‘People’ connects to your thinking style and how you develop relationships and realise the potential in the people around you.


Meta Dynamics™ goes one step further by helping your clients get in touch with the six levels of perception that occur before an event, putting emphasis on deeply establishing—and sustaining—a clear mindset, and flow, essential for success.

Once you deeply connect to your clients on both the Critical Alignment Model and perceptual level, you will have the ability to tap into a reservoir of conscious that you didn’t have access to before…

And that’s when you can truly engage your client’s heart and mind, and help them elevate their potential to lead a profoundly exciting life.

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