Creating a thriving home based coaching business

How to turn your coaching business into a winner now

Okay, it's go time.

Jobs are being lost in their thousands and businesses closed down. It's really tough out there. So we want to tell you how not to panic, to take control and create a thriving home based coaching business.

But the most important first step to staying afloat won't be what you invest in your business.

It's what you invest in you.

It's about "finding your purpose", says Matt Lavars, head trainer at The Coaching Institute.

With TCI founder Remi Pearson and chief extraordinary officer Elysium 'Glam' Nguyen, Matt is hosting a free three-day online course in April to help you do that, and show the exact route to take to see your home based coaching business rocket.

TCI has pivoted fast since the coronavirus pandemic to move all our classes online, and our summit is the latest initiative for anyone needing to know how to find certainty in uncertain times. 

"The world is completely changing day by day, and a lot of people are taking this opportunity to pause and take stock and ask really important questions like ... 'Am I moving into the direction to become my best and my true self?" says Matt.

When he first asked himself that question, he was so desperate for answers he went on Google and was intimidated by other people's visions of starting charities and touching millions of lives.

He learned through coaching and life experience that purpose is found in two ways.

"The first way is really simple, although it's something most people will never ever do. Our initial purpose is to know ourselves. To fall back in love with ourselves.

"It’s a journey into discovering who we are and asking ourselves great questions. Like, 'what do I want, what do I care about, what's important to me, how do I look after myself and—most importantly—how do I say yes to me?'"

To become a successful coach, says Matt, you have to be your first client.

The second part is in service of others—just know there are pitfalls to avoid.

The mistake some people make is to focus on others and not number one, themselves. It's a fine balance to achieve but people who focus only a life of service can burn out.

"So, step one: know you are the most important person in your life," says Matt.

"Step two: once we're on track connecting to who we really are, then we can make a difference to the people around us."

That's the foundations. To hear about the actual building blocks and cement, we'd love you to join The Coaching Institute's free three day online summit on April 14-16 with over 20 experts.

Warning: it's only for people who want to bring certainty, empower change and create a meaningful difference in the lives of others in this changing time.

Everyone is welcome, from those who have never coached before to experienced life coaches.

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