I had Unfulfilled Dreams

Former textile designer Robyn Jordan, 58, has overcome some enormous challenges. After her family moved from New Zealand to Australia in 2008, their plans to build a home on a property in Central Victoria were derailed and Robyn ended up living in a weekender shed (where she homeschooled five of her seven children) for nine years.

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Robyn JordanAccredited Professional Coach

In 2011, a breast cancer diagnosis saw her realise “I had unfulfilled dreams,” says Robyn.

"Cancer was one of my defining moments where I realised my life could be shortened and I would have regrets if I didn't change my circumstances."

Her transformative journey began with a "Courage to be You" training at The Coaching Institute, but she faced more battles when she left her husband of almost 32 years in 2016.

Robyn had "very few possessions" and career wise was armed only with a certificate in aged care. A foot injury meant she couldn’t work for five months, and the adversity and determination to create a new life led her back to The Coaching Institute.

“I loved being a mum but this was my time to find that fun-loving crazy girl I had lost in the process of giving to everyone else.”

life coaching guest
Robyn JordanAccredited Professional Coach

Three years after her Foundations of Coaching Success training, Robyn is " a different woman, I have found my worth and my true core self,” she says.

Her mantra learned from The Coaching Institute? Say yes and work out how. Doing that has seen her write a book called “1 Habit for Women Action Takers” and take a dream trip to Italy.

Where are you at now with your coaching journey? 

I'm in the Master Practitioner Masters Academy.  My business is growing and I am making a difference in the lives of other women. I am still working in my part-time job and building my coaching business online.

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My business is called Robyn's Coaching Hub. My tag line is Reclaim - Rebuild - Radiate and I am a transformational relationship and emotional intimacy coach.

What was the turning point with your coaching journey?
Doing The Ultimate You Programme, where I dug deep within to peel back those layers of conditioning, roles and masks that I had worn for years.

The biggest milestones?
They have been internal, knowing I’m enough, worthy and loved for being me. And my first paying client!

It is so fulfilling when you see women who have been in similar situations to me begin to transform their own lives and take responsibility for their thinking and creating change. I love not rescuing them but empowering  them.

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"The Coaching Institute helped me believe in me again, and in many cases, they believed in me before I believed in myself, which was a beautiful gift."

Robyn JordanAccredited Life Coach

Your most successful marketing strategy? 
I'm very consistent on Facebook. I post most days, I build relationships online and bring my authenticity and vulnerability into my marketing.

What do you love most about the Coaching Institute? 
Definitely the incredibly supportive community, it is incredibly rich and a never-ending source of inspiration, validation and knowledge.

What challenged you the most? 
Feeling not enough and the imposter syndrome of ‘who was I to call myself a coach’, and learning to be an online marketer.

Advice for other fabulous The Coaching Institute coaches?
Run your own race, resist comparing as we are all starting in different places and do the inner work yourself. In my mind, that’s more important than building a business. I also believe it’s never too late to live your dreams.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
With a full-time online business that I can work anywhere in the world. Have created a community of empowered woman embracing a second chance at life , that have gone from brokenness to living their dreams.

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Proud nanna of three, Robyn Jordan is a lover of life and a creative who sees the good in others. She is driven by faith, connection and adventure. She has to remind herself she will be 60 next year because in her mind she feels she's just beginning life.

Robyn JordanAccredited Life Coach