I’ve Had to be Honest with Myself

How I started my coaching sessions has very much been word of mouth and referrals. I haven’t done any online marketing; I haven’t ever done any marketing in the traditional sense. I was once told by Joe Pane that “Every time you go out in public you are marketing”.

Taryn Pieramati
Taryn PieramatiAccredited Professional Coach

Before starting at The Coaching Institute, I was a real perfectionist.

I remember doing E-DISC (training) with Joe Pane. That was a great tool to help me unpack letting go of certainty. I realised that by just focusing on the goal and the outcome and having the drive, I couldn’t get caught up in making sure everything was right.

"As a coach and as a student at The Coaching Institute, I love the flexibility of the courses. When I’ve been really clear on why I’m doing this, it’s about my family and it’s about my children. They come first. Then I create time for my study around that."

Taryn Pieramati
Taryn PieramatiAccredited Professional Coach

One of the realities of my journey and my growth is that I’ve had to be honest with myself during some points. It’s helped me to really learn to tell my truth.

There are nights where I’m exhausted after putting my children to bed. It’s the question of, ‘Who am I being in this moment? What am I wanting to achieve? Okay, I need the determination and the persistence now to turn to my desk—instead of going to the couch—to get some work done.’

I’m at a stage now where I dip into the material and I learn something, and then I go and apply it, or I come to a training, and then I go and apply it straight away.

I work predominantly with schools, which is very much my passion. All teachers have very good intentions. From my experience, every teacher that I’ve come into contact with has a big heart and they give, and they give and they give.

As a teacher, often we don’t realise the ways that we’re getting in our own way or even how we unknowingly have an imprint on the students that is not our intention.

That’s really at the heart of a lot of what I do with schools.

I also work as a leadership coach, so I do a lot of in-house training for people in the leadership space and help leaders uncover the ways that they get in their own way.

As a teacher, I never saw myself belonging in the corporate space and that was a big limiting belief that I had. Overcoming that has been huge for me.

I work a lot in corporate and do training facilitation, and I have a lot of one-on-one clients. I usually attract women who are leaders in business and want to take the next step in their career to ‘play a bigger game’.

"I firmly believe that the more you master your craft and the more you become an exceptional coach, that is your marketing."

Taryn Pieramati
Taryn PieramatiAccredited Professional Coach

All of the work I’ve done at The Coaching Institute has been about helping me embrace uncertainty and seeing it not as a fearful thing but as adventure and variety. Asking myself, ‘How can I be more flexible and flow through my days more?’

It’s been a very rewarding journey. What’s in the way is the way. Just push through.

You do belong, and you’ve got so much value to offer and so much to give.

Taryn works as a leadership coach and does in-house training for people in the leadership space. She mentors school teachers and works in corporate environments doing training facilitation. She also coaches women business leaders in one-on-one sessions.

Taryn Pieramati
Taryn PieramatiAccredited Professional Coach