Remi Pearson Coach challenge

Yes, you! The Coaching Institute founder wants coaches everywhere to step up now

Remi Pearson "has been thinking a lot" about what the community of coaches around the world can do to have an impact during coronavirus.

And the founder of The Coaching Institute has one simple, powerful idea.

Oh, and she wants you along for the ride.

First, some background.

"I’ve been seeing some wonderful movements get created by people delivering food in their neighbourhoods. People just checking in on people making sure they’re okay especially if they're self isolating," says Remi.

"The message is if we all pull together we can do this, It doesn’t mean to say everyone’s going to be untouched by it. I’m not naïve about it but we can navigate it in such a way where the majority of us are going to feel pretty good about how we handle this."

And for Remi, that means playing to her strengths.

"I can’t deliver food because I don’t know a restaurant, I’m not tuned into that, but what I can do is coach.

"So I want to find somebody who is in isolation this week and I’m going to reach out and offer my coaching for free"

"And my call to action to you as a coach, is could you do the same thing?

Is there someone in your community you could find, who's in isolation, perhaps an older person, someone who has low immunity, who has diabetes? These are all people at high risk.

"You can Skype, Zoom, phone. Could you reach out and touch someone in a really awesome way by delivering your beautiful gift?"

As Remi said in a February 23 podcast with The Coaching Institute's head trainer Matt Lavars, she's inviting everybody to join a coaching group called Coach Your Neighbour: "We have thousands of coaches that want to give."

The key message? We don't have to wait for this to pass before making a difference.

"If ever there was a time to do this, it's right now, so let me know what you think about it," says Remi.

"If we as coaches can come together around the world and find one person—just one person—whose lives we can touch in a positive way using the amazing gift of coaching we have, it would be incredible."