Remi Pearson’s tip if you’re struggling with social isolation

You might not be taking being at home seriously. Here's how to fix that.

My Way To Motivate Yourself to Smash Social Isolation

Last week I had a great week spending time with my mother in Port Douglas. We shopped. We ate lunch at cool cafes. We went on little hikes and walked on the beach. We laughed a lot.

It was bliss. And it seems like a long time ago now, given that since then Australian states have closed their borders and businesses all around the country—not The Coaching Institute, which adapted really fast to switch our courses online—have closed their doors during coronavirus.

I had to say goodbye to Mum on Monday, when she flew back to Perth. And that farewell was harder than usual but gave me great clarity about the best reason to self isolate.

If you're finding it hard to stay inside and deal with the new world of social isolation, try this technique. Ask yourself, 'Who am I doing this for?'

Like a lot of you with parents in their seventies or eighties—a high risk group—who are now deciding if it's safe to visit, I don't know when I'm going to see Mum and Dad again.

Older people are the ones that are really being touched.

So yeah, stastically, I'm probably going to be fine. So are you. Especially if, like me, you're madly hand sanitising all the time!

But we're not doing this for us, and I know there's someone special in your life you're doing this for.

So I'm doing social isolation for my family, my parents.

They're why I've cancelled everything in my diary for the next year. Literally. I won't be going out. My husband and I are going to order a lot of takeaway—healthy choices, yes—and support local businesses.

That’s how we’re going to come through this and just love who we’ve become.

Who knows when I get to hug Mum again, but I know every single day of coronavirus and self isolating I'm going to live my life thinking about how I can take care of someone around me.

That's how we're going to come through this and just love who we've become.


Given that we're in this together, other people around the world have had a similar idea.

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer responded to a coronavirus challenge #IStayHomeFor from celebrity friend Dakota Fanning, and called on Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron and Diane Keaton to respond.

Michelle nominated her younger sister as her motivation, saying she has "compromised lungs."

Get on board, everyone! Who are you staying home for?


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