Pro Coach Enterprise launches and here’s what you get

TCI's top tier Pro Coach is back—redesigned, recharged and resurrected as the awesome Pro Coach Enterprise. Here's what you get ... buckle up!

The rumours are true: The Coaching Institute’s original Professional Coach (or Pro Coach) program has been re-engineered, revamped and resurrected. It is returning bigger and better, as Professional Coach Enterprise (PCE).

But only read on if you’ve been looking to learn from one of the best life coaching schools in the world, and gain the education and mentoring from an award-winning business. Still here? Then TCI’s newly, released, top tier program may be for you.

The ultimate goal of this top tier program has always been to empower coaches with business strategies from a multi-millionaire business owner, Sharon Pearson.

The original program closed its doors in early 2020 when the team decided to make it a priority that all Pro Coaches were taken care of amid the pandemic.

But after TCI pivoted so successfully to a fully online model around the same time, what the market wants has changed. That prompted thinking that there’s a need for a revamped Pro Coach.

Emerge, Pro Coach Enterprise!

“This is the new world. There isn’t a going back to what it was before, but rather stepping up,” says TCI’s chief extraordinary officer Elysium 'Glam' Nguyen.

“We’ve surprised ourselves well and truly in our ability to deliver epic content virtually. And so, we want to champion a movement towards learning not only from a multimillion-dollar, award-winning business owner—but learning truly from a team and TCI as a business.”

Here’s how it’s all going to be done (and why you’ll want in):

Millionaire Marketing Digital

The classic Millionaire Marketing—a $10,000, 7-day training with Sharon Pearson herself—saw Sharon take coaches through how to do a million-dollar day.

Now meet Millionaire Marketing Digital. It’s a 12-part training where you’ll learn how to market your business and make a difference online in the digital world. Pro Coaches will also get 12 mentoring masterclasses, and a monthly Hour of Power with the one and only Dream Team.

Psst—the original Millionaire Marketing will also be included in PCE as a bonus gift.

Business Skills IV

You heard that right. The school has taken it up one more notch, from learning to go one-to-many, to one-to-global.

This three-day live virtual training will provide coaches with business and marketing strategies to expand their businesses globally. Current Pro Coaches in the community will also be taking the hot seat to share their success stories.

How To Create Your First Online Product

If you’ve been with TCI, you’ll know how much we stand by our 90-day challenges (and why they work).

If you’ve ever felt like you have so much to share and teach, but didn’t know where to begin, you’ll want to hop on the latest 90-day product challenge: How To Create Your First Online Product.

 This challenge is a step-by-step system that will guide you to craft your first online product. Pro Coaches will be provided with the tech, tools and templates to structure and deliver their content, ultimately guiding you to tap into your uniqueness and share your message.

Ultimate Lifelong Learner Library

To advocate and support lifelong learning, the Ultimate Lifelong Learner Library will provide complete access to all recordings of every PCE training.

Foundations of Coaching Success (FOCS), Advanced Skills, How To Run A Successful Workshop, the Meta DynamicsTM series, Business Skills series … you name it.

Yeah you heard that right. ALL of it.

 Pro Coach Enterprise Mentoring

Finally, to make sure everyone gets the handholding and accountability they desire to accelerate their results—PCE Mentoring.

Coaches will enjoy priority access to online support by the TCI’s elite Dream Team, unlimited one-on-one mentoring and strategy sessions, and exclusive access to Glam, head trainer Matt Lavers, and the TCI executive leadership team.

In other words, you’ll get a multimillion-dollar, award-winning team … on your team.

What an absolute dream.

So if you’re fired up and ready to go, click here to find out all the details and start your application to be one of the first to sign up for the groundbreaking Pro Coach Enterprise.

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