Remi Pearson: The thinking that leads to a million dollar year

There's a reason why only one per cent of coaches have a million dollar year: it's hard work. Here's a few golden rules around how I did it in my third year as a coach.

Do you want to know the thinking that leads to a million dollar year? Yeah, I did too. That was my first goal as a coach. Let's talk about that.

One of the golden rules of business and coaching; If you don’t monetize it, you don’t get to keep doing it.

It stays in hobby mode.

But if your thinking can be professional and wealth oriented, you build sustainability into your decision making.

So my decisions for coming up to 18 years now are about sustainability.

I have to love what I do, where I’m at, and the decisions I’m making for where I’m heading. That’s really key to me.

I’m not making decisions based on, ‘I love this, this is wonderful, this is what I want to do all day’. It’s not just where I’m at that I love. I have to love where it will take me in ten years’ time and it has to feed the future vision I have for who I’m going to be.

About 12 years ago I sat down and figured out what my ideal average day would look like. I thought about what I would be doing, who I’d be hanging out with, what I would be making, what my fitness level would be.

I started there and wrote a purpose which I’ve had for 15 years now: “I Remi see, hear, feel and know that the purpose of my life is to be a loving and passionate woman who inspires others playfully.” And with that road map and my values, I began figuring out what my business and decision making would look like.

So my decision making tree is formed based on decisions I’ve made that I really love.

Based on that, I’ve achieved financial independence and most people in this industry can’t say that. I have one question: why? How can you not have that set up and sorted?

If you’re on my programs and in the room with me, the minimum goal is netting a profit of a million dollars a year.

Some people can’t handle that, so take a zero off if you are comfortable with $100,000 although I’m choking at that low number. I need you to think as big as you can.

The number you utilize is going to be the number that stretches you, that challenges you, that you haven’t achieved yet.

A million was my first goal once I realised you really can do that in this industry.

You have to earn it. A million dollars is earned by the value you add. It is not for the wishing for it. Not for the wanting it. Not for the ‘I think I deserve it’. That new age crap isn’t going to work.

Remember the book The Secret? Yeah, there was a movie too. The secret doesn’t work. Because they left out action—it isn’t desirable and it didn’t sell.

They edited out the bit that matters. You have to do some stuff. It’s the value you add. You’re looking to add three to ten times the value of what you want to earn, to make a million dollars.

I made a million dollars in my third year of coaching.

You might ask, do I have that much value to add? If you’ve trained with us for three years in Pro Coach, you do. You might need convincing, you might have limiting beliefs, but you do have enough value.

Then you have to know what is the difference that makes the difference? There’s constants and there’s variables, and the constant is the opportunity, the variable is the resourcefulness.

If it was simple to make a million dollars, everyone would. There’s a reason why it puts you in the top one per cent of this industry—99 per cent of people can’t be arsed because it’s hard.

Opportunity looks too much like hard work.

Pull up your sleeves and do what you have to do to create that environment. Know the law of attraction is built on energy. Energy is built on where your intention is.

If your intention is to wish it to be truth and until then you’re not going to take any risks, you can’t be worthy of the million.


She is the Founder of The Coaching Institute and through our world-class coaching training programs, best-selling books, the #Perspectives podcast, and the Ultimate You Quest movement, she helps people like you live your dream, become your most authentic self, and make a difference through meaningful action.

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