Quick fixes for staying energised working from home

During social isolation the fridge might be calling you. Or the kids. We're here to help.

Hands up anyone who's been having trouble staying energised working from home during social isolation. Yep, you. And you. And you!

There's the fridge and pantry, calling you to stick your head in. The kids are jumping off the couch and owning themselves. The remote control could connect you to Netflix in five seconds.

Before you know it, it's early afternoon and you're not only behind in what you need to do but you feel flat and lacking in motivation.

Here's what you need to do, according to The Coaching Institute's head trainer Matt Lavars, who has helped people all over the world set up a home based coaching business.

Step one:

"Structure your day from the beginning," says Matt. Maybe that means spending your first hour on emails, then having a 10 minute session of breathing or yoga exercises before knuckling down to more work.

"Plan exactly what you're you're going to do and when you're going to do it, including breaks."

Step two:

Procrastinating may feel like a great option but it's not your friend if you're looking for ways of staying energised working from home.

So, recognise that you're likely to feel more focused in the morning, especially if you're looking after yourself with good sleep, food and exercise.

When Matt finds himself flagging and wants more energy and clarity, "I'll make myself a really healthy green smoothie and that will give me more zest," he says.

"Or I might do squats. I'm not doing a workout, I'm just moving blood through my body so my brain gets more switched on because I'm changing the way I feel.

"It's a mood alteration. And that means staying energised."

Step three:

This is where things get a little weird.

"I might just eat some salt, some really high quality Himalayan salt or salt from a lake," says Matt, who on April 15 will be putting his energy levels to the test during a free three day summit How To Create A Thriving Home Based Coaching Business.

"It's got a whole lot of minerals in it and it kind of wakes you up."

You might have your own ideas about how stay energised working from home. Let us know. And stay away from that fridge!

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