TCI one hundred per cent saved my life

A globally known DJ since he was 13, Brandon Mangion found TCI in mid-2020 and has since switched his party lifestyle for coaching, which he says not just saved his life but gave him a new career passion.

Brandon Mangion
Brandon MangionInspiration coach

With his Teddy Cream DJ duo partner Vincent Calderone, Brandon Mangion has over 85K Instagram followers, has toured Europe and Asia and has a Wikipedia entry. It’s impressive stuff for a 24-year-old—but Brandon has a new career passion which is competing for his heart and time.

“I’ve toured the world, I’ve done it all, but being a coach is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done,” the Melbourne-based DJ says.

“I sort of love coaching so much that it's going to be hard to go back to the late nights. I go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 5am for a massive walk. I love the routine and daily rituals."

After joining TCI during lockdown in mid-2020, Brandon—who lives at home with his mum and brother, 22—has changed up his party lifestyle and dedicated himself to education. He now has 10 regular paying clients, is writing a book “about the whole thing” and aims to reach millions of young people with his message.

“My message to them will be that success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure,” he says. I was living a great life and wasn’t fulfilled so when you can bring joy it’s transformative.

“For me, COVID was kind of a blessing in disguise. I was in a destructive cycle, abusing alcohol and party drugs and when lockdown happened I was forced to stop DJing and running clubs. It gave me time to reflect and realise I did have a problem,” he says.

“So I got sober. I took care of myself and that’s when the ideas started coming in. I felt so alive. The information was sticking and I thought, ‘This is what I’m passionate about’ and I have a platform and I want to use it to make an impact.

“I can learn the skills to actually make a difference.”

Was there one big moment you knew you wanted to change your lifestyle or was it a slow realisation?

I had the ‘I need to change this’ for a couple of years, it kept happening, then isolation and COVID happened and the night life scene all came crashing down. It was a pretty dark time but it gave me time to sit with myself and gain perspective.

How did you find TCI?

I didn’t know what it was until I got sober, it came to my head and I googled it. I didn’t know anyone who was a coach, didn’t know anyone in the industry. I saw Matt [Lavars] in one of his videos about the Global Success Institute and I just added him on Facebook and he saw all my posts and sent me a message saying, ‘You’re killing it’. I talked to him for about two weeks, came along to one of the free events and joined in Level III.

It’s quite a mature thing to do—was it hard to say yes?

Not really. I had made quite a lot of money with my DJing stuff but I did spend most of it all. I thought, ‘If I spent most of this money on drugs and doing stupid shit I can spend it on my personal growth.’ Some of my friends and family don’t recognise me anymore, I’m so much more mature.

Has it saved your life and where would you be without coaching?

Yes, one hundred per cent is has saved my life. Without it I'd probably still be doing drugs every three or four nights.

“I just absolutely love the whole TCI community. The online learning is amazing but just having the support and meeting new people … as soon as you join you introduce yourself in the group so many people get behind you, I’ve made so many friends and they help you on your journey. I couldn’t be more grateful."

Brandon Mangion
Brandon MangionInspiration coach
Brandon Mangion Teddy Cream

What has this journey meant for you?

It’s meant everything. I have found my clarity and I sort of discovered a sense of purpose and mission to love, serve and inspire. I want to help transform the lives of young adults. That’s my niche, people 17-25 who are stuck and they don’t know what they want to do with their life. I like to help people see their dreams clearer.

What challenged you most about TCI?

The video content sucked. My behavioural flexibility isn’t great and some of the videos were from 2005. I’m used to HD audio books and high quality video and for months I didn’t start the course because I couldn’t sit through the videos. The actual content was awesome but the quality was so outdated.

In what way did TCI live up to or exceed expectations?

The live Zoom events were amazing. Every single time I went to a live event I had goose bumps for the whole time because of Matt’s facilitating. He’s awesome, like Tony Robbins without the unnecessary pump up.

How have your relationships changed after TCI?

I am having such greater relationships with my parents. When I was partying so much it wasn’t easy on them, and also with my friends I am having more meaningful friendships. I didn’t realise how enjoyable it was to just sit and have a proper conversation with someone.

Where are you at on your coaching journey?

I have eight regular paying clients every week. I have two on six month retainers and the other ones pay me $150 every week. I got paid $500 to speak at my old school and I’ve worked with almost sixty clients now since I started. Now I’m just pulling back on the one on ones so I can build a coaching program and reach more people.

What was the big turning point with your coaching journey?

Making the decision to be a lifelong learner. I read three books a week, sometimes I might even get too excited and start a million courses and not finish them. I dedicate so many hours a day just to learning new things.

Your most successful marketing strategy?

I am really good at networking. I’ll reach out to anyone who comments on my posts and just talk with people and build connections. I have posted my whole transformation so people reach out and say, ‘how did you do this?’ I don’t put it out that I need work, it just comes to me. I’ve built an authoritative brand over the years so I don’t really want to look like I’m trying to sell myself as a coach, I just let it happen now.

Advice for other TCI coaches?

Don’t be afraid to start putting yourself out there straightway. A lot of people wait to get their coaching branding and art work and I think it’s important to just go from the get go. A lot of people think they have to study for six months and that’s a limiting belief. Coaching isn’t like doing a psychology degree. You learn and work as you go.

Three things you can’t live without?

Music, pizza, my little brother.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself being a best selling author, speaking at schools all over Australia and at my own events. I will have also have an awesome coaching program which transforms the lives of millions of young adults.

“I now wake up with a smile on my face every single day and I feel like my life has meaning again. I love myself."

Brandon Mangion
Brandon MangionInspiration coach
Brandon Mangion

Brandon is energetic, expressive and a lover who wants to love, serve and inspire. “My mission is I want to help transform the lives of 11 million young adults before I die,” he says (the number is chosen for his birthday.) He walks 20,000 steps a day, likes getting massages and loves singing and dancing on the street when he walks. “Money isn’t really a driving factor for me,” he says. “It was at the start. Now I just value being a loving person and expressing myself. I feel if you take care of people’s dreams you will be taken care of.”

Brandon Mangion
Brandon MangionLifestyle coach