Tear the Mask, Be Yourself

Hanh Bui is a freelance journalist and best-selling author from Vietnam. She comes from a culture of one-party censorship, which means that their citizens are not able to write what they like or “express themselves to explore sensitive issues”. She left Vietnam with her Australian husband to move here in 2007 and started her life coaching journey 2 years ago.

Hanh Bui
Hanh BuiAccredited Professional Coach

When my husband and I moved to Australia, we lived in a village with absolutely no connection to the Vietnamese community.

I depended entirely on him - both economically and emotionally - and I always wanted to return to Vietnam.

I had a limited understanding of English, and very little connection with Australian society. I lost my connection with Vietnamese society and had depression for years. I wore the mask of a happy wife.

"In November 2017, I couldn’t understand why people easily laughed and cried in Foundations of Coaching Success training because I still had a language barrier."

Hanh Bui
Hanh BuiAccredited Professional Coach

 “It is the obstacle that stands in your way BEING the reason why you absolutely must take that path,” was among the 10% of trainer, Joe Pane’s lecture content that I understood.

Another saying that made my heart seem to stop beating was: “Coaching is the art of using language”. As a professional writer, what I like is to use language to express my thoughts, contribute to changing people’s perceptions and improve society.

Due to Vietnam’s one-party censorship, I was not able to fulfill my aspirations. The most important aspect of life coaching for me is to have the opportunity to work with language as an art form, after all I have achieved in my writing career so far.

I decided to enrol to be a Master Coach, firstly because I wanted to coach myself, and also to help others.

The first thing I learned at The Coaching Institute was how to love myself. It was an extremely new concept to me. I learned how to connect with myself, my emotions, my “I am-ness”. I especially learned how to be vulnerable and accept myself to build up my self-esteem.

Slowly, I persevered going to courses at The Coaching Institute. Whenever I could, I studied over and over again to really absorb the meaning of the language, master listening skills and the questioning of life coaching.

2 years of studying has completely changed my life, challengingly but interestingly. Every time I visit The Coaching Institute, I am inspired and acquire more knowledge. I believe in their method of teaching and my path.

I am currently working for myself as a relationship and personal development coach. My business is called Mai Hanh Coaching. My customers are Vietnamese who live all over the world, but mostly in Vietnam.

12 months ago, I publicly declared that I am a life coach. Since then, I have had 250 coaching hours, 33 paying clients, 5 workshops and I have written 50 articles that are posted on my Facebook page. I am also looking after a group page which has reached over 1,000 members.

Just as Sharon Pearson has said, “Helping someone is helping ourselves.” I feel I am full of energy to help others achieve their dreams, and I coach with passion until I see smiles on my client’s faces.

"I have reclaimed my 'previous' me, the person who dared to think big and make things happen. I live being my authentic self, there is no fear. I enjoy every moment of my life, which I feel is full of meaning."

Hanh Bui
Hanh BuiAccredited Professional Coach

My future plan is to build a website, create my own courses in Vietnamese and build online learning programs so that more people will benefit from coaching. I also want to put my articles into a book, telling how coaching has changed mine and my client’s lives.

I am happy in what I am doing as a successful business woman.

Thank you to The Coaching Institute community, friends and colleagues for your unconditional support.

Hanh lives in Australia, working as a relationship and personal development coach for predominantly Vietnamese people living all over the world. If she was asked, "What did you do to become a successful coach?" then she would answer, "Tear the mask, be yourself."

Hanh Bui
Hanh BuiAccredited Life Coach