Online life coaching courses at The Coaching Institute

If you're thinking about becoming a coach, there's never been a better time—or a better place than TCI to do it now

Thanks to our incredible community and team, The Coaching Institute is going into its most epic week ever—ever!—with our program of the best online life coaching courses.

It's nine weeks since TCI made its pivot from a live events company to one which now runs all its coaching courses online—and the results for us, and you we hope, have been phenomenal.

Truth is, while we went into lockdown feeling the same uncertainty as the rest of the world, it only took us days to put into place a plan that now sees many of our virtual trainings for the year booked out or with only limited spots still available.

"By using our virtual technology and learning fast and giving it our all, we've been able to replicate what's epic about live events but making it even better and more personal," says chief extraordinary officer Elysium 'Glam' Nguyen of the state of play at TCI.

"The feedback from students has been so positive, which means we have more students and more referrals. We're enrolling people from Thailand, Japan, Italy, Dubai, all over the world.

"Combining everything together, we're running out of room!"

We know it's a great challenge to have,  and please don't think it's a subtle way to pressure you. We just want to share the amazing things coming your way and make sure you don't miss out.

Urgency has never been TCI's style, to the point where "one student has been following Remi Pearson and TCI for nine years, and never acted on it," says Glam.

"She finally took the moment to say yes to herself, and has joined Global Quest Coach. That surely is almost the definition of valuing relationships first!"

"We're finding people are loving seeing coaching in action, and this is a great way for us to deliver what they want, and help them work out if life coaching courses are something they might want to be more involved with," says Glam.

"This lets them experience coaching demonstrations in action, and see what the power of coaching can do."

That's something that would have proved hard to do face to face but with TCI's cutting edge technology we can now bring to you at home or wherever you're learning from.

"First and foremost we're just as surprised that so many people through this time are looking at ways to better themselves," says Glam.

"Coaching is really rising out of this crisis as an awesome tool for people to be able to manage change, and empower themselves, their teams, their communities and their families."

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