I’m now a No 1 bestselling author

Three years after starting with The Coaching Institute, Joanna Howes is co-author of international bestseller The Law of Brand Attraction and created a six-figure business in six months.

Three years after she started with The Coaching Institute, Joanna Howes has achieved stunning success with her coaching business and is now a No 1 bestselling author: "It's all quite unbelievable."

What wonderful things would you like to share about yourself?

I started my business 2 years ago after a horrible experience in my last full time job. TCI gave me the confidence to go for it and reach my dream. I achieved a 6 figure business in 6 months, spoken on stage at Oxford University and now a No 1 international best selling author. It's all quite unbelievable.

When and why did you start with The Coaching Institute?

I started in 2017 as I had done some coaching training in the UK but stopped as the job opportunity in Melbourne came. When the job was going wrong I discovered TCI, and knew this was the chance I was looking for to change my life.

Where were you when you took that step?

I was sitting at my computer and logged on to see Matt Lavars doing some live training. He offered for people to attend the Foundations of Coaching Success training, which I did.

Was there one big moment or a gradual realisation TCI was for you?

Sitting in Foundations and listening to Joe Pane, I just knew I had found my home.

Joanna Howes

"TCI always exceeds my expectations. The huge generosity, the care and support is incredible. The level of information and content is outstanding. I have friends from the UK signing up to the course as nothing can compete with it in the UK."

Joanna HowesLeadership and team coach

Where are you now with your coaching journey?

I am now launching new products for group coaching and building some online programmes which is all new to me.

What are your biggest milestones?

Speaking on stage to a large audience was a huge breakthrough for me. To pass Meta III was a big milestone achievement and getting to be in the room with Sharon [Pearson] was a goal for me. Seeing a client fully transform for being paralysed with anxiety to now flying in her business. To be working with the No1 advertising agency in the world and lastly, of course, to now be a best selling author.

What’s been your most successful marketing strategy?

Referrals. My whole business to date has been referrals and I'm only just looking into sales processes.

What challenged and surprised you the most?

How much there is to learn and how much I enjoy learning. I don't have school qualifications so to discover learning later in life is a gift. How much work and commitment it takes to run a business—it is worth it though for the results you get. The highs and lows, and learning how to keep moving forward.

Joanna Howes

"What do I love most about my journey with TCI?  The community and support. Having access to so much help at a drop of a hat is incredible."

Joanna HowesLeadership and team coach

What do you know about yourself that you didn’t know before TCI?

I now know who I am and I can show up for me and I can back myself. I still have fears and moments of doubt but I now run the controls of my mind and that is liberating.

What advice do you have for other fabulous TCI coaches?

Commit to the work, ask for help, get out of your own way. You are fully responsible for your success— own it and make your dream happen.

What would you tell anyone thinking about joining?

Say yes.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I would have done a Ted Talk, be traveling the world speaking. Have a team to support me and be changing the lives of leaders and teams who now love going to work and are creating their own impact in their lives.

Joanna Howes book cover
Joanna Howes

Joanna started at The Coaching Institute in 2017 and built a six-figure business in six months while co-authoring No 1 US bestseller The Law of Brand Attraction. She was thrown when asked which three things she cannot live without, because " actually I know I would be able to adapt to things not being in my life. However the most important things in my life are my husband—he is my rock and love of my life—my family and the ability to learn."

Joanna HowesLeadership and team coach