The two modes of thinking every business owner needs now

The difference between deductive and inductive thinking

The difference between deductive and inductive thinking is something every business owner, coach or mentor needs to know.

Deductive thinking is when we're drilling down into the details. It's solving problems and working out where the pieces fit together, or why they didn't quite match up.

Deductive thinking is a very analytical mindset and it's a massive strength for anybody in any kind of leadership or management positions. It's what you tap into to help understand complex problems and find simple solutions to them.

Inductive thinking is brought to life less often. It's the thinking which allows you to create. It's not about solving the challenges, but about inventing new ones. New things that don't even exist yet.

We're going through massively changing times, and when it comes to how to pivot online in 2020, most people are approaching that problem with deductive thinking.

They're looking at their business and thinking, 'How do I replicate that, or logistically manage this with the limitations that exist right now?' as opposed to seeing it as an inductive opportunity to reinvent their business. rethink their products, reconnect with their market in new ways.

Rather than trying to rework what exists right now, they key is to look at what hasn't been thought of yet and work out how to create that.

Step into the space to think inductively, to ask how long you've been wanting to to create that space for yourself to work on your business instead of in it.

One question to ask? How long have you been putting off your long term vision to solve short term problems? Now is the time to explore every opportunity in business.

Elysium ‘Glam’ Nguyen

As The Coaching Institute's chief extraordinary officer, Elysium 'Glam' Nguyen is an expert on almost anything and everything but her passion is marketing. In visionary style, Glam (yes, her nickname is inspired by her fashion aesthetic and no, she never wears the same thing twice) brings fresh ideas while challenging the old, updates best practices and disrupts conventions

Elysium Glam Nguyen
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