What expressing gratitude during coronavirus will give you

Here's how and why you can see the world through a better lens. Now. Promise!

Expressing gratitude during coronavirus has become so important that locked-down, smoke and mirrors Hollywood is leading the way.

In the US, actor John Krasinksi is fighting the pandemic by launching a YouTube channel dedicated to good news and expressing gratitude (his first guest: The Office co-star Steve Carell.)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing social isolation by playing chess with his miniature donkeys.

Husband and wife Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are singing and playing guitars and mandolins—seriously, watch it—together.

The Coaching Institute's Matt Lavars has his own technique for managing in tough times. He'll  talk it through as part of a free-three day workshop being hosted by TCI on April 14-16: How To Create A Thriving home-Based Coaching Business.

For Matt—one of more than 20 hosts including The Coaching Institute's founder Sharon Pearson at the online event—feeling centred now has a lot to do with expressing gratitude during coronavirus.

"One of the key messages we've been sharing right now is the power of gratitude, which is really being grateful for where we are now and what he have," he says.

"And sometimes being grateful for the challenges in front of us.

"It helps us see the world through a better lens."

Gratitude meditation gives you more than a warm wash of endorphins, says Matt: "Gratitude helps us manage our emotional state in a way that allows us to be more effective, to take more appropriate actions."

Nick Vujicic and family at Christmas

Okay. But how do we do it?

Think of Australian Nick Vujicic—Instagram followers 1.6 million—who was born with rare disorder tetra-amelia syndrome, says Matt.

"He was born with no arms and legs, he goes skydiving, he has a family, he has kids. And he’s an inspirational speaker who travels all around the world.

"His perspective is, 'I have a body, I have a mind, I have a heart, I can still live my dream.'"

Try this: accept the changes happening, acknowledge they're out of your control and find a place of love to tap into. Bingo:  you're expressing gratitude during coronavirus.

"A few basic things I’ve been saying are, 'I’ve got my home, I've got my family, my community, my friends.

"I have so many people around me that I can support and can champion, and I have people around me that can do the same'."


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