Why #StrongerTogether is so much more than a hashtag

Some people have the capacity to step up when times are tough. Here's why you're one of them.

Hashtags are ubiquitous, especially at times like these when everyone is looking for certainty and sanity. Right now at TCI we love #CalmLove and #DoingTheBestWeCan but our favourite is #StrongerTogether.

So much so that #StrongerTogether has become a mission with a stack of initiatives that TCI founder Remi Pearson spoke about live on Ticker TV's Ticker Today show with host Ahron Young on April 9.

When the coronavirus pandemic forced lockdowns and saw TCI's live events business pivot to online, "We took the approach of, 'What's going to matter most during this time?" Remi said.

"Instead of profits we started thinking about humanity. Every decision that has to be made now comes from a place of what we can do in a positive way that will touch our community's lives and support them."

You're hopefully feeling it too. When things get tough, when there's adversity, there's also so many opportunities for us to contribute beyond ourselves.

This is not a 'stop thinking about what's going on for you' thing. Everyone has to look after their own stuff, always. "It's just that there can be a tendency to shut down, to retreat, tap into our fear as if that's all there is," says Remi.

"There's also wonderful pathways towards reaching out to others."

#StrongerTogether "means you and I finding ways we can make a difference and touch people's lives," she adds.

"It doesn't have to be a grand gesture. Just a kind word. Sending a funny photo to a friend. Giving toilet paper.

"Whatever it is, the important part is the idea of being stronger together."

What you contribute is a really personal thing. So far for Remi and her husband JP, their focus on being stronger together has seen three main initiatives launched by The Coaching Institute.

"At the moment, one thing is a program called Empowering You. We've been selling it for four years for $500. Now we're giving it away for free to the world so people can get value from it.

"They'll draw strength from it. They’ll be able to have the capacity to give beyond themselves.

"I love that."

Then Remi and her husband JP worked out a way to pivot from being a coaching school to import a container of hospital grade hand sanitiser (along with face masks and hospital gowns) and make it available to our community at just above cost.

TCI is including gifts in the hand sanitiser care package, and has encouraged donations for Foodbank, the only food relief organisation in Australia to play a role in times of emergency. 

We've created a Facebook community called Coach Your Neighbour, where we call on coaches around the world to contribute their coaching services for free.

"We’re giving someone help. We're reaching out and saying to someone, 'Hey, you matter during these times. I'm here for you'," says Remi.

Her invitation for you is to get involved. Jump on social, and share the hashtag #StrongerTogether with an emoji heart and details of what you can contribute in your local community.

It could be a meal delivered to a neighbour in need, or walking a dog for someone who doesn't feel comfortable leaving the house right now.

"I'm not sure what it is for you but it’s those little moments of reaching out with compassion and saying, 'I see you. You matter, and I can do this for you," says Remi.

"It needs to be something you're comfortable doing. We're stronger together if we find ways that we believe in and feel and connect with."

Let's stay close. #StrongerTogether.

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