Who would want to retire when you do what you love?

TCI is a wonderful community. Little did I know how it would change my coaching journey and myself.

Ann-Lone Dalhoff
Ann-Lone DalhoffAccredited Professional Coach

I set up my business Joy Hearts a year ago. After some tough years for us as a family, I wanted to help others create joy in everyday life, living with your heart and listening to that inner voice (hello.... hello... I know you're in there!).

I looked into coaching and joined TCI half a year ago with FOCS in July 2015. The tools that are given and practised are so plentiful, and they complimented the 20 years of leadership and personal development. I've been lucky to get through my corporate role in strategy and marketing in Europe and Australia.

My passion has always been to help others develop to their full potential, and a real highlight was my first pro bono coaching session (before "Foundation of Coaching Success", because the welcome pack has all you need!). It was simply magic creating change within one session with another person – it made me realise how many people I can reach.

Half a year into my journey, I'm still working full time in corporate, continuing my passion for singing, and being proud of the everyday life we have created at home with our daughters, age 12 and 15. And next to that I carve out hours to continue studying, to coach people and to link back into the TCI network.

“What makes me successful? The same things that always have. Engagement, full dedication, continuously taking action – and connecting with people, being curious about them, believing in the best in life for myself and others. What's the biggest change for me personally? Taking myself less seriously!”

Ann-Lone Dalhoff
Ann-Lone DalhoffAccredited Professional Coach

The future is bright

I continue making others follow their inner voice, reaching everyday satisfaction they had not thought possible. Through this, I will build a sustainable business that I can love running for the next 40 years (who would want to retire when you do what you love?), starting out with Australia and Denmark (where I lived for four decades), and taking it globally: creating this movement of good hearts who use the best of their abilities to create a great everyday life for themselves – and thereby those around them.

Next to coaching, I write a fortnightly blog on www.joyhearts.com.au, and I've started running workshops, which is something I've always loved doing – now it's just Joy Hearts material, instead of strategy and marketing.

So what has TCI taught me? Hundreds of tools that are simple and immediately applicabe. No theory for the sake of it, but applying it all as you learn. Also the importance of a network of likeminded people.

Thank you TCI for great support; inspiring and pushing us all. What an amazing journey, and it has only just begun – I'm looking forward to unleashing the full potential of Joy Hearts and myself.

Follow yourself – then joy will follow. I'm on my way.

Ann-Lone Dalhoff
Ann-Lone DalhoffAccredited Professional Coach

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