Break from the herd with Thought Dynamics

In the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse - 2014 - I decided to become a unicorn. Here’s why...

The horse is beautifully dichotomous - it is majestic, strong and free-spirited yet affectionate, playful and sensitive, the latter characteristic central to its basic instinct for survival as a herd animal.

In business, you can be part of the herd - just another choice in a long line of similar products - or you can differentiate yourself so that you become the product of choice in a cluttered and noisy market place.

As principal of a public relations and marketing agency, I was searching for “that special something” that would help make my business zig while the others keep zagging.

Enter the unicorn, aka Thought Dynamics.


As described on the Thought Dynamics website, “Thought Dynamics is a revolutionary approach to success, leadership and business challenges. At the core of the approach is the Thought Dynamics Diagnostic Tool and consulting program, both underpinned by the ESIP (Environment, Structure, Implementation, People) thinking model.

Quite simply, Thought Dynamics is developing the best world’s best brand in coaching and consulting methodology. “Well, you’d want to be part of that, wouldn’t you?”, I said to myself at the Meta Dynamics 1 training in June, just over a month ago.

I was booked to deliver a series of training programs for volunteer-based, community groups and organisations in July. While the training course was already set, I challenged myself to apply the ESIP thinking model to my public relations and marketing system so I could start using the language and practise asking quality questions based on the four areas of E, S, I and P.