Business Skills I Melbourne: February 2020

“The energy and wisdom shared by all the presenters and the fact that all the presenters were/are students of The Coaching Institute is something that I love. The passion – energy – encouragement – passion – willingness and ability to help as well as the feeling of a “homecoming” every time I walk through the doors is another thing.”
- Emma Titford

Business Skills I is the ULTIMATE training for anyone who wants to start their own business. This February was our first ever training to set our students up for the most success in starting their own coaching business. This is where you experience the most support and connect with the best life coaches in Australasia in order to achieve!

A massive congratulations, and an even bigger "Thank you!", goes out to all of our students who decided to take part in the first ever training of this kind at The Coaching Institute! I trust Business Skills I was an immersive experience for you!

Here are some of the testimonies from our students:

“Business Skills I was super beneficial and you don’t have to know much beforehand. The tools and mentors are amazing. I love the way I changed my mindset around marketing, and the professionalism; support; community; enthusiasm; fun; like-minded people; and resources available to help until you can stand alone.”

- Janette Dillon

“There’s always something to learn from the live trainings. Business Skills I in particular was well-structured with clear learning outcomes.”

- Pauli Williams

“I love the amazing value and continued value that The Coaching Institute gives and that students were a part of the presenters, as it helped me believe that [success] is really possible.”

- Leanne Tatchell

“I loved it all, all the speakers, including the students comings out to speak. Glam’s marketing sessions were fantastic, made me so excited to think of my business as real! And finally, I loved the fact that I’ve come out of it realising that I’ve already got a business, and each time I put in time to study, coach, etc. it’s “working on my business” and courses are investments.”

- Jennifer Heenan

“I loved the break downs of different parts of business that were presented, especially by team members. The layers within each and how it all produces the outcome. The people; the presenters; the presentations; the community; the trainings; the vibes.”

- Kellie Lloyd 

Students attending a training at The Coaching Institute

“The practical exercises were incredibly useful – seeing the speakers from all different levels gave me something to aim for. Glam Nguyen’s marketing stuff was phenomenal and really helped me shift my beliefs about it. Matt Lavars’ directness was challenging but so helpful and refreshing. It’s an environment that’s so encouraging and supportive – I feel that I belong here. There’s so much value, clear steps to take and it’s incredibly holistic.”

- Casey Pringle

“It opens me up to be more interested in knowing more and being more active. I love the community and value. This has been the best thing I’ve done and love it!”

- Iner Portugal

“These guys are the best in what they do and they genuinely care about you and your journey.”

- Saumya Gupta

“Being in the room, meeting the students, getting to know The Coaching Institute staff and trainers. Getting a fresh perspective on content in a way we can relate to it, asking questions and then applying.”

- Andrea Buck

“It allowed me to put the idea of my business into perspective and it massively decreased my anxieties and fears about it. I love the support and environment to learn and build inner me.”

- Stu Svorinich

Group photo, students holding their certificate

“I love the fact that all facilitators come from The Coaching Institute – if they can do it, I can too. This is the first time ever I’ve realised that I have my own business, and I’m on the way to reach my goals.”

- Freya Nguyen

“Everything I learned is applicable to my life, and also applicable to helping others. Loved how much you can do in a coaching session by giving the client space, etc. Loved it was on a weekend so I could attend because I work 5 days a week. Loved the high standards and the generosity of sharing the slides, recordings, etc. with us.”

Niroshi Nissanka

“Really fabulous blend of coaching and business content to give me drive and motivation to start my sales, and deleted my fear of marketing.”

- Aisha Daymar

“If you’re thinking about starting a business, this is a must to fast track and set you up for success. There is no community like this – so supportive and inspiring – it’s non-competitive. Everyone is stoked for others as they go along their journey.”

- Felicity Wilson

“If you’ve ever had a dream that has been squashed or that is still flickering inside you and you don’t know how to start your journey towards it, then coaching is the best vehicle to help you clarify the path.”

- Paula Arnott

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