Coaching Question: Where to Find Coaching Clients?

Finding coaching clients is a question that every life coach wants an answer to. Here we discuss this question in further detail and present answers.

You're unsure where to find your first paid coaching client.

You feel stuck.

Or maybe, you're ready to start attracting more clients and grow your coaching business.

No matter where you are in your journey, here's the thing...

One of the most-frequently asked coaching questions from new coaches starting out in their coaching journey as well as those experienced is...

'Where to find coaching clients'

Starting out as a coach can be very daunting and frustrating at times.

But I'm here to tell you that you are not alone.

17 years ago, when I started my journey, I didn't know where I was going to find my first paying client.

Heck, I didn't even think I could do this.

But I showed up, every single day, starting in my bedroom with a box of notes in the company of my dog, Buffy.

And I had one key takeaway from the process of finding coaching clients and setting up a multimillion dollar coaching business, it would be this...

Finding coaching clients starts with your mindset.

It starts with putting value to what you provide.

And I mean not just "saying" you give value, but truly, really believing that you bring value leading to meaningful change in your client's life.

Because unless you believe in YOU, they cannot believe in you.

This is the first and foundational step to build trust with potential clients and help them move from being curious about coaching with you to becoming committed as a paying client.

Here at TCI, we teach our students a 7-step process for where to find coaching clients and how to turn them into paying clients.

Unfortunately, from first-hand experience, I have to be the one to tell you that if your mindset if not ready, none of this is going to work...

If you too are wondering where to find coaching clients, find out more about the mindset it takes to create a successful coaching business and the exact steps to get there, watch the video below >>

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