Meta Dynamics in Action – Thoughts and Reflections

View our student's interviews about their journey

Student Success - Tracy

“So I came into this training today not really knowing what to expect. I haven’t done Meta Dynamics training yet, so to go into Meta Dynamics in Action; with no prior knowledge of Meta was really great.

I enjoyed everything so much.

I learnt so much about myself. I learnt all about the environment and the environment is so important in everything that we do.

I learnt that I wasn't really being the person that I thought I was being. And I was giving off a different personal. I was giving off a different vibe.

I got some really valuable feedback on me and I actually learnt how I can structure my learning in a better way allowing me to remember it an recall things and be able to share it. All that really great knowledge that used to be just going in there was just going into a great big bucket, now I can have it in an organised way. Starting tonight!”

Student Success - Shaun

"My name's Shaun and I'm a naturopath and self development coach, and I've been working for 13 years, and I've had a beautiful 13 years with The Coaching Institute.

Works been going fantastically well, but I had began noticing some holes in my business development and in my self development and I thought I'd come back and experience some wow'ness from Sharon and TCI.

In these two days I just learnt where these holes actually are in my business. And where I need to take responsibility in terms of ESIP. And its been absolutely fantastic. I know I'm going to take home some absolutely amazing insights. It'll mean that my clients are going to get way better results.

I'm going to be by... I'll have created an environment that is even more effective than it already is.
I just can't wait to rock it when I get home and just take it further. Thank you to Sharon and everyone at TCI."

Student Success - Bonnie 

"Hi My Name's Bonnie Power from Melbourne Resume's.

I came here today to learn a little bit about Meta Dynamics for the sole purpose of professional development and learning.

I was in a place where I was looking at my vision and really trying to define where I want to go in the next five years.

What I've really learnt with this training is to take the blinkers off. I had so many limiting beliefs and I was half aware that they might be there. But within the first half an hour of the training I had huge blinkers up. That were really limiting my potential.

Now the blinkers have been removed. And I cannot believe how much potential and how free I feel. I've got a whole new view on the business, and I've got a fantastic team that I'm going to steer in the direction of where I want to go. It's an absolutely fantastic feeling to be feeling!"

Student Sussess - Dave

"Hi my name's Dave Thompson and I've just finished being a participant in the Meta Dynamics two day training and I just want to share with you some thoughts about what I've got from this experience.
So when I first arrived to this workshop prior, I thought I had a really good Idea. I knew what I knew. But I didnt know what I didn't know. And it was, what I really got from this training was that It highlighted really clearly what my gaps were. It made it really clear for me around standards. I'ts great to have a great vision, and you can often be doing stuff to make make you achieve that vision and the people to achieve that vision. But what are the standards. what criteria are there. Little things like; I was being late - is that a standard that will help me to get to my vision.

What this training has allowed me to do is have conscious awareness around the detail around parts of my business that previously I was not aware of. Now they are in focus.
That means I can run a tighter ship. The bigger picture is being able to take people to an outcome. Be great and be graceful at the same time. I've been good at getting people to a result and getting them to an outcome. But now I can get them there even more gracefully. Which creates and amazing experience for my participants, resulting in them going off and telling people.

So there's been a lot of value in this training around the grace in which you achieve goals.
I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve in their business or wants to improve in their life. Anyone who wants to know where their gaps are. to learn more about how they can achieve their vision, whatever their vision is for them."