Safe Players vs Risk Takers

To some, the ocean presents the unknown and unnerving. To others it's an environment of wonder, awesome challenges, potential, an invitation, an enticement.

Safe Players vs Risk Takers

I've been reading posts and viewing videos here of so many of our inspirational mentors—Sharon Pearson, Ilsé Strauss, senior coaches, TCI team members—and seeing more and more that they've gotten to this point, not by chance, but by taking action ... repeatedly.

We have here remarkable content, written and presented not by chance nor with hope that it hits the mark, but with intent, understanding who they're serving, why we'd want to read, watch, listen, so that we can do the same.

After Ilsé's business mentoring popup with the awesome Angelica, it got me thinking (although not entirely related to the popup).

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Dipping my toes into the ocean from the safety of the beach, feeling the unpleasant coldness, imagining (rather than experiencing) the push/pull of the scary possibilities of what's out 'there', and then heading back to lay on my nice warm towel ... is simply not enough if I want to grow in my business and in myself.

The beach is only part of the experience—a 'nice' experience, a 'safe' one, familiar.

The ocean presents the unknown, the stuff that emerges our fears, the unexpected, unexplained, unnerving.

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Why is it that those who do dive in, do? Repeatedly? Why is that there are safe players vs risk takers?

How did they get to that point? Why are there so few? What is it that makes them unique?

Why is it that even out of those few, that even fewer choose to go deeper, further, faster, be challenged by even more of the unknown?

They dive in, again and again, until it becomes familiar, natural and automatic, and they become stronger.

They push even that boundary, to swim further and deeper and are challenged by even greater possibilities as well as potential dangers.

And they find a way.

The ocean, to them, is an environment of wonder, awesome challenges, potential, an invitation, an enticement.

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So, anytime there's the desire to go back to the comfort of the beach towel, where it's safe and warm, know that this will get us nowhere.

If we want success in our business, if we're to help others solve their problems, if we are to encourage others to be disruptive leaders... we MUST take the WHAT THE FUCK! leaps, again and again, over and over.

Unless WE do it first, how will those we're meant to serve do it?

We MUST make mistakes repeatedly and learn from each of them. Unless we make them first, how will those we are meant to serve make them?

We are all improving.

The question is, are we toe dippers, those who jump in and play, or those who dive in to swim with the sharks and work out how to deal with them later? 

- Yaja NowakowskiAccredited Professional Coach


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