Set up your home based coaching business

Remi Pearson pulled no punches during a class on the mindset about how to smash it in business now

Teaching members of The Coaching Institute in an online Mindset for Success class in April, Remi Pearson pulled no punches talking about what you to know about building a home based coaching business now.

Months on, with Melbourne back in lockdown and cases of COVID-19 still soaring around the world, Sharon's insights are more important than ever.

At one point during the hour class, TCI's founder—who often works to 9.30 at night to pack as much as she can into her day and keep her businesses strong—had to take a quick drinks break: "Let me pause for tea then I'll keep ranting."

The 'rant' was aimed squarely at anyone who is writing to do lists now about building a home based coaching business, but not modelling excellence and putting their plan into action.

"People zig when they should zag. They play a small game. They act like this is the time to contract and not expand," said Remi, who discussed best lockdown and post-COVID business strategies with fellow entrepreneurs John Anderson and Perry Mardon on a Perspectives podcast in July.

"It's mind blowing. The majority of people are playing an ordinary mediocre average game. They will be standing in the unemployment queue instead of doing the things they should."

Remi's advice if you want to be a success in the coaching industry? Be generous, put humanity before profit (#strongertogether) and "You must get off the position of believing that your success is a to do list with online marketing or whatever.

"It just isn’t the difference that makes the difference. If anyone is given a to do list and they don’t have the mindset to action it, nothing is going to happen."

Since the coronvirus pandemic was declared, Remi and her husband have launched a staggeringly successful start up business that has seen the sourcing of hand sanitiser for Australians in need. They have also pivoted TCI from an events company into at online one.

We are in the biggest global downturn in modern history and every aspect of my businesses are booming," she said.

"There has to be some reasons for this. I'm going to attribute 50 per cent of this to good fortune." Sharon's businesses tend to be "counter cyclical"—during tough times they thrive—and so is your home based coaching business.

"This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Are you hearing me? If you're being trained by us and you want to be a coach, this is your time. No exceptions."

For Remi, this is the time to expand, not shrivel.

"The sheep contract right now," she said, noting the opportunities for you to grow your home based coaching business have never been better.

"People are putting any discretionary spend into personal development. When there's recession our industry booms because everyone is looking for answers and to reinvent themselves.

"They have time at home... watching TV. They're thinking, 'I have eight hours a day, I'm going to do something amazing. I'm going to to to another level."

The way for you to build your home based coaching business? Model excellence.

"I would be modelling everyone in your space around the world. I would go online for hours," says Remi.

"I would go to whoever is the best in the business and study what they do."