The Coaching Institute’s small vital gift to you during coronavirus

Some basic necessities are hard to come by right now. We're here to help.

It might feel like a lot of things have been taken away from you lately: watching your footy team, concerts, visiting friends. Work. Normality.

We're on the flip side.

In tough times, one of the best ways to stay calm and feel good about yourself is to look after other people. At TCI we live what we teach, so we've been thinking of a small way to let you know we're in this together during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Coaching Institute is also all about abundance, not just when the world is living in a 'me, me, me' scarcity mindset. Right now, basic essentials are hard to find, despite the Prime Minister pleading with Australians to stop hoarding.

Among them is hand sanitiser. And this is where things get serious.

People won't get sick if they don't eat pasta during coronavirus. They don't need mince or canned beans to survive. But hand sanitiser is a different ball game.

According to World Health Organisation and Australian Government guidelines, regularly washing your hands is a vital way to help stop the global spread of coronavirus.

Which is why we came up with the idea of doing something more than sending calm love right now: we want to send you an essential: hand sanitiser.

Let's give you some background.

While we've been busy rejigging our coaching schedules to keep you learning during coronavirus—as the only Australian coaching institute with the technology to keep you seamlessly connected, we've already started live streaming training—we wanted to do something to look after your physical health.

So we sourced the one thing it seems everyone needs. Hand sanitiser.

This isn't a novelty gimmick: The Coaching Institute's hand sanitiser is hospital-grade, and kills 99.9 per cent of germs without water. Think of it as certainty in uncertain times.

"My husband and I got hold of a whole container of hand sanitiser and it's on the water right now. It's coming our way, and it's going to be so important in the next couple of months," says Remi Pearson, founder of The Coaching Institute.

"This is a way of us giving back to our community at a time when we all need to really lean in and look after everybody. "

As a bonus, we'll include a workbook from The Coaching Institute and a personal message card from the TCI team.

There's a small fee for postage and handling, but we hope you'll see that as a small price to pay for peace of mind and to get your hands on something which is almost impossible to find in shops.

In line with our goal of giving back, we're also giving you the opportunity to support Australian charity Foodbank Victoria, which is at the frontline of supporting communities during coronavirus.

If you're interested, reach out here, we'll sort the rest, hand sanitiser coming at you, and make sure you get the TCI face mask from here!

The Coaching Institute face mask

The Coaching Institute face mask

The Coaching Institute Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitiser

The Coaching Institute Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitiser

Stay safe, gorgeous people!

Remi Pearson giving out hand sanitiser

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