Student Article: My Me

It all started with a blank CD. From where it came from or what was on it, I had no idea

Being my curious self, I took the CD with me as I headed to work.

I got into my car and listened. The voice of Dr Demartini resonated through my body. That was the moment I realised that I wasn’t being the real me. I loved me!

Not the me who was on his way to the job he dreaded every day. The me who reflected all the words on that inspiring CD. Motivating, dedicated, driven, inspiring, leadership, strength, determined. I knew I had to expose that real Damien. I had been hiding behind a wall of fear and what-if’s for far too long. I felt like I was playing hide and seek with myself.

I pulled up to work and sat in the car. I pulled out my phone and researched what I could do to change my life around, to become the Damien I wanted to be. There it was. I didn’t have to look far. Within 24 hours of that moment, I was on the phone to the amazing Fiona Mangano. I could already feel it!! I was smiling, I was confident, I was successful! I was booked in for a meeting at “The Coaching Institute” and within no time at all, I had a date set for my intake weekend, to become a master practitioner of coaching.

It was a weekend in September of 2013. The weekend that I had found me! The most profound 3 days of my life. There was one particular moment I can remember very vividly. I stood there on the last day of intake, as everyone was saying their goodbyes, just looking at my newest community of friends. My eyes were teary and I had no idea why. I had never been a person to show real emotion like that. Then it dawned on me. This is the new me. The me who is comfortable being who I am. It was the beginning of a new Damien. There was no doubt in my mind that I had begun an amazing journey that I will be proud of. A journey I will later share with the world.

I now have dreams and aspirations that I believe in. Dreams that get me excited to work towards every single day. I have learnt that everyone can achieve anything. No dream or vision is unreal or impossible. That becoming who you really want to be and adventuring into uncharted waters to get there is exhilarating.  I now combine my love of sport and fitness with my coaching abilities to inspire and motivate others, to seek out their endless potential. I have created “Inmind - Sports Mind Coaching” to assist athletes and like minded people, to open the door of possibility, to becoming the best version of themselves. Helping people break through fears and doubts of “unrealistic” dreams and experiencing the euphoric power of being the empowered you.

With new belief and new direction, I can proudly say that I love this me. I can confidently stand in the face of fear and whole heartedly know that I can battle through it and come out the other side a stronger and more confident individual.

Create who you want to be, not who you think you are supposed to be.

Find your me.