What if you fully acknowledged yourself?

Everywhere you turn, you see people talking about how you ‘should’ know your passion, how you ‘should’ be living your purpose and how you ‘should’ tap into your potential… I think that message is very elusive.

Most people are frustrated, afraid and feel ashamed because they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing.

When I began my journey 14 years ago, I did not know what my passion or purpose was.

I remember feeling lost and confused.

If I don’t know what my purpose is, how am I to live it?
If I haven't overcome my challenges, how am I to help someone else?
If I still feel the fear, how am I to inspire others?

The answer is right there in that paradox.

Unless you face the rough waters, unless you are OK with inviting challenges, you're doing the same thing, you're going through the motions, you're on auto-pilot and you're going to get the same results.

You have choice in that moment to say, "Enough of what's not working, I am willing to claim a different future!"

I truly believe that we're shaping our next moment right now. You can make decisions to give you the opportunity to become the person you admire in 4 years' time, 5 years' time, 10 years's time.

If you too are just starting to scratch the surface, to exploring the possibilities, to listening to that whisper within.

Welcome that moment. And ask:

"What am I going to do about it?"

It can be frustrating and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

(This is coming from someone who did not have a clue about her purpose, and now living it every day by transforming hundreds of thousands of lives through The Coaching Institute…)

The problem is not that we don’t know our purpose… the problem is we forget to accept ourselves the way we are.


She is the Founder of The Coaching Institute and through our world-class coaching training programs, best-selling books, the #Perspectives podcast, and the Ultimate You Quest movement, she helps people like you live your dream, become your most authentic self, and make a difference through meaningful action.

Remi Pearson
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