You are the World’s Best Story-Teller

One of my more obvious traits, according to those who know me well, is that I lack the ability to imagine

I tire quickly of fantasy movies and would much rather watch a true story, or read a real life autobiography. This trait provides for a large amount of entertainment in the form of laughing and mockery for my friends of which I am happy to provide, and even join in at times! This has been an aspect of my life for a number of years now, and even though at times I do wish I could appreciate Lord of the Rings for what it is, I get a lot more out of seeing things for how they really are.

However, since studying Meta Dynamics and NLP and the power of quantum physics, I have come to realise something:

My imagination is unbelievable!

I have created the very world that I see before me. I have taken every event in my life and made up a meaning for it. I have taken past memories and completely altered not only their meaning, but the brightness of the colours, the tone in which words were said and above all its very power over me. I have decided all by myself to find the evidence of a world that ultimately supports where I want my life to be.

I am the world’s greatest story teller, and so are you.

The power that one can harness through changing the meaning of any event is nothing short of extraordinary. The fact that you can’t see reality for what it truly is simply means that you get to create what your reality is! What a fun hobby. It is amazing how true it really is that you will find exactly what you are looking for in this life, particularly if you look hard enough. If you are good enough at telling your own story anything is possible in this world.

Realise that any outcome that is present in your life at the moment is there because you want it to be, whether this be positive or negative. The results you have obtained exist simply because you have written your story to serve the main character’s ultimate happiness. The main character in any successfully told story has to overcome obstacles, develop and nurture relationships, and feel an extensive array of emotions otherwise the story gets boring. Why would the main character in your story be any different?

I just finished reading Viktor E. Frankls ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ and in it is a passage that includes another positive aspect of this made up world:

“You must realise that the world is a joke. There is no justice, everything is random.  Only when you realise this will you understand how silly it is to take yourself seriously”.

We can continue to tell our story in any way we want. We can make up our beliefs, our values and our actions in order to suit us to an infinite degree. If everything is made up, we might as well make up things that support us, right? No matter what page or chapter you are at in the book of your life, the main character can always change the outcome of a situation that isn’t supporting them.

Why not make the change right now?