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Congratulations to the Advance Skill Leaders who rocked out the amazing 3 days of the Advanced Skills Life Coaching Event!
It's such a transformational 3-day life coaching training with Joe Pane. The conversation, learning, and realisation that happen throughout the 3 days have been absolutely mind-blowing. Scroll down to read more about the highlights of this phenomenal life coaching training...

Congratulations to the Advance Skill Leaders who rocked out the amazing 3 days of the Advanced Skills Life Coaching Event!

It's such a transformational 3-day life coaching training with Joe Pane. The conversation, learning, and realisation that happen throughout the 3 days have been absolutely mind-blowing. Scroll down to read more about the highlights of this phenomenal training...

A huge thank you to all of you for your commitment to playing full out!

Advanced Skills is such a game changer...

Advance Skills unlocks the code of human behaviour profiling to make a difference in the lives of your clients even more.
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This life coaching training is such a game changer and it has brought our coaching skills to a whole new level so we can best serve our clients!

Together we learnt

life coaching training


We can only ever re-present the world to ourselves based on our own maps of reality, rather than reality itself. Your thoughts of your client simply represent reality. They could never be reality itself. Everything is perception. Learn how you can define your clients map so you can coach them more effectively.

life coaching training


Discover a model that you can replicate, so that you can teach and coach others who want help in managing their emotional states and understanding that feeling and emotions are actually two different things.

life coaching training


What is it that differentiates who love fulfilling happy joyful live and those who don't? The invisible forces determining your success and your results are not as mystical as they may sound. Learn about to identify your clients' thinking and behavioural patterns quickly, easily and effortlessly.

life coaching training


Discover the 4 core inner world and 4 outer world needs that drives our problems and our successes. You will learn how to bring more of ourselves into our relationships through a valuable framework to coach and help others be on the path to becoming their ultimate selves.

life coaching training

DISC enables us to go even more deeply into the unconscious mind meaning that we can create change at a faster rate and at the same time teach people the power of ‘mind reading’ their employee, colleague or client.

Here's a snippet of what everyone was loving, for you to relive this amazing experience:

Here’s more of what our coaches loved about the life coaching training

I loved the real world examples and applications that was brought into the training. TCI facilitate great training. It will further deepen and appreciate the coaching journey. It is the next step into the understanding of spirit beyond body
-Yen Tan

I like the insights game plan and all the laughs. I loved Joe’s presentation style and his energy. So welcoming and playful makes you feel at home. I really enjoyed it great practical use and learnt a lot about myself. Just go and attend an event and experience TCI for yourself.
- Daniel Marshall

I love the emotion versus feeling differences, the identity phases and profile exercise. I understand myself more now. My words won’t even give it the justice it deserves, do it if you want to learn more about yourself and your clients.
- Kristen Russell

I love the applicability of the content that is relevant to me right now. They are the best Coaching Institute in the market. Do it, it gives you momentum to continue to believe in yourself. Coaching is the best way to serve the world in a way that is aligned with your values while building a life for yourself at the same time.
-Catalina Guerrero

I love that the training was very applicable and immediately implementable. DISC has given me the understanding of myself and others. Loved the emotion versus feeling lesson, and the way we attach meaning to thoughts is so applicable. The community has a lot of resources with people at any level of skill or competency.
-Riaza Manricks

I loved the understanding of identity, maturity archetypes, and DISC profiling. I love the environment where people who are pursuing the same understanding, it empowers each other. The thoroughness of content, the security that content is still growing gives the peace of mind and certainty of value. I found a tribe where emotional intelligence is a real word. Show up. Your journey is about showing up. Each training is organic unique, so go do yours and unpack.
-Sandra De Hoogh

I love how Joe your presence the subjects and information. The unique flair and entertainment is sheer amazing. Joe makes the content easy to understand and absorb. TCI keeps evolving and adding more value and content to ensure that we are getting updated information and techniques. Come to a free event and check it out and see if they resonate.
- Pauline Ryan

Advance Skills is a world full of human behaviour, it’s gold! Come for personal development to inspire better life or ability to help others achieve that too.
-Jess Nest

Love the delivery, knowledge, and experience of Joe. He is so engaging, flexible and respectful of people‘s map and still challenging at the same time. TCI give so much value. The energy, support, amazing content, and training that’s offered is transformational and I am so excited to be part of this journey to me. Thank you. It’s a must do, I have learnt so much about myself and my drivers and needs. It’s transformational say yes to yourself.
- Reem Tekhle Medhan

A lot of the material provided at Advance Skill are models and concepts we can apply across our lives, both in personal and professional area, in coaching one to one and with a group. I enjoyed the general presentation that was infused with great humour and down to earth good natured playfulness of the participants. I love about the generosity pf TCI with sharing that concept, material, the structure, and wonderful support provided to students, also love the positive and encouraging community. You will get tremendous value out of it applicable to personal and professional life. It will be a wonderful journey and you will be part of a phenomenal and most supportive positive non-judgemental community.
- Marybelle Ignacio

I really enjoyed learning about the differences between each of the DISC energy and how they complement each other. The emotional fitness content was a great insight to how to live a more fulfilled and happy life. The Core Driver elicitation was extremely valuable and I’m looking forward to attending the DISC in 2020. I love the supportive community of growth and excellence. Come with the open mind and be ready to be blown away with learning, and understanding about yourself, relationship and decision-making. Attend one of the events and find out more. It’s been the best decision I made for my coaching future.
-Megan Fong

I loved too many things to count about the training, Joe’s style of training, love the ego and attachment to food. The types of energy; how masculine/feminine interact, how over use of an energy can become un-resourceful. Loved the range of coaching information, style, and content. It was a super quality coaching. EDISC is most definitely the best information in this moment for me because I can see how this translates across so many arenas.
- Mary Van Lambaart

The training was absolutely brilliant love, love, love the content of learning DISC and how we can implement immediately, knowing that we can give value from the very beginning. They cover all the training that you need to begin your Coaching business. So many tools to coach with. They also cover marketing. It’s priceless. You have everything you need from the step one.
- Charmaine Currie

I love Joe’s training/presentation style; very warm and inviting. Loved the content, the application of the skills learnt. The community is very supportive. Just do the training. Coaching has transformed my life and that of my relationship with my wife and kids.
- Mania Tamati

The coaching institute provides the most value out of any school out there. The best decision you ever make it, so do it.
- Katherine Maunder

The value and depth of educational content, the approachable wow team are amazing. The possibilities in the educational and coaching space for career and personal growth are endless.
- Lesa Prendergast

I would highly recommend TCI particularly because I feel that it caters for every personality. It’s very worth the investment of time.
- Fiona Pace-Atienza

If you want to accelerate your life in all areas of your life then explore this.
- Holly Little

If you want deeper certainty and confidence in coaching skills, this is the place to learn the hidden codes of human behaviour. Do it. It’s real. We are real people on real journey taking one step forward in the most supportive community I’ve ever experienced.
- Amy Taylor

It made us lean deeper within, know more about our behavioural patterns and core drivers. TCI is professional; it maintains quality, real value, and excellent content, beautiful trainers. Definitely a must do! Be ready to learn a lot. If your heart leads you towards Coaching let TCI show you the way, come join us!
-Vandana Mohture

It's amazing that we got to share these phenomenal 3 days together!

If you were part of Advance Skills life coaching training, comment below and share your experience with us. We'd loved to know what you've loved, what you've learnt, how you've rocked and how you've played full out 🙂

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