Being a mother is often the number 1 reason you fail in this industry

Yes, I know I am coming for mums and am leaving myself exposed to criticism. That's worth it if you listen to why motherhood and coaching is about risk and reward. What are you risking?

Being a mother is often the number one reason why people don’t succeed in this industry, as a coach and business owner.

Do not tell me you want a million dollars in this industry while you sit at home.

This is not criticising motherhood. It's just that I've heard a million times why you can’t get on the phone to clients because you’re too busy with the kids, too busy with the housework.

The bottom line is—and this is the second secret to having a million dollar year as a coach—is it’s risk vs reward.

What are you risking?

Now, I know I am coming for mums as not a mother myself, so I'm really exposing myself now.

I am out on a limb, kidless.

I once had someone do this epic rant, said they couldn’t be mentored by me because I don’t have kids. That’s the rudest thing you can say to someone who can’t have kids.  You know nothing about my reality. It's the worst, most unacceptable thing to say to someone when you don’t know why they don’t have kids.

So you know I'm serious, again I say being a mother is often the number one reason why people don’t succeed in this industry.

It might be too blunt and if it is, go and have a cup of tea or a glass of wine or something.

Motherhood is the great excuse: “I had to do this and that for the kids so it’s not possible to do blah blah blah.” I know someone who has kids who are 13 and 15 and she still makes every single meal for them. You are making a rod for your back.

If your busy-ness is in motherhood as your kids get older and energetically going towards your dreams in terms of the business. You can’t be a fulltime mother and do all that mothering stuff and say you want this.

I’m not saying don’t be a mother. I am saying it’s about having a fully resourced family so your resourcefulness needs to be matched by your family’s resourcefulness. If you have a husband or wife, they’re going to have to pull their weight.

Don’t say, ‘My husband doesn’t do the cooking’ or ‘My husband doesn’t take the kids to swimming’. He does now.

I outsourced gardening, cooking, dog walking, dog grooming, cleaning, bookkeeping, within my first 12 months of my business. Anything that wasn’t core to the business, I delegated.

Yes it costs money, but here’s how I work out those maths.

My fee in a very short time went from $100 an hour to $150, to $200 then $500. So I was going to make $500 an hour versus the $30 or whatever that I was paying the cleaner or the cook.

I could focus on taking the risks I needed to do well in the things I needed to do well.

Outsourcing is the ticket and that’s for everybody. If you say ‘That stuff is what I do’, I say stop being a martyr.

It shouldn’t be if there’s two of you in this day and age. Going into 2021, the fact that this is not shared, that’s on you.

There’s shit in my household that wouldn’t get done if JP didn’t pull his weight. It’s meant to be, ‘We are both in it.’ I haven’t done the washing in 27 years. I think we have a washing machine, I might have heard it in action once. We don’t get on.

That attitude is healthy and normal.

I’m picking on women here but the thing is that I see the patterns over and over. I see the people who hold themselves back and have great excuses. For me, I hate 6am, it’s when I’m having my most solid sleep, but I coached at 6am because that was what it took. I coached at 7pm and that is not my sweet spot. I am a solid 11am-7pm kinda gal but those rules went if it meant achieving things in the business.

The way I learned this was at a Tony Robbins event. He said he was given the gift of learning when 4am was the only time he could fit in polo lessons. He wanted to learn to play polo, so he was on that horse at 4am. Whatever it takes.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is in the gym at 4.30. He’s the highest paid star in Hollywood. He’s not kicking back on his sun lounge by the pool at midday then doing a couple of hours work. He is in the gym before the sun is up because that’s what he needs to do.

The key takeaway: it’s about finding a way for this—whatever you want from your business—to be a reality.

Find it. Then do it.


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