The best online life coaching courses right now

TCI has always had high standards. And we just raised the bar with the the most epic coaching course makeover in our history

So. You thought the best online life coaching courses in the world were already at The Coaching Institute? Sure, we'll take that. Thank you.

Thing is, recent events—coronavirus, lockdown, a stack of fantastic motivated people at home wanting to learn and our constant drive to improve—have all banged into each other in a once-every-15-years makeover that is rocking TCI.

"It's the biggest change in TCI's history," says chief extraordinary officer Elysium 'Glam' Nguyen, almost jumping out of her signature white fur coat (it is casual Friday when we speak) with that electric kind of excitement marketing experts have.

Every level at TCI, from Level I: Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching all the way up, now has a tonne of inbuilt extra additions. They're all online resources and they're all amazing.

As Glam outlines it, one thing we've been amazed by in the TCI community since the pandemic was declared in March is the diversity in people who want access to the world's best online coaching courses.

"It's phenomenal. We have the principal of a school for students with special needs. Nurses and other health professionals. Firefighters. It's such a cool thing, all the different people who ar looking to be leaders," she says.

"And it's not just people in Australia. All over the world, anyone who is leaning in, wanting to learn and add value by throwing themselves into education is reaching out to TCI.

"It's crazy.

"And all the feedback tells us people are wanting to know more about how to do business online, how to become a speaker online, how to market online."

On top of what our community has always had, they're asking for more work around positive psychology, how to build and maintain and nurture relationships and self love.

The other "great" thing, says Glam, is how the community has stepped up its already epic level proactivity, asking themselves how they can best grow and learn, which has created great momentum.

So that's how being forced to pivot into only online learning combined with the  world's thirst for new knowledge and learning while everyone is at home wanting access to the world's best online coaching courses has seen us make the changes.

TCI has worked super hard to deliver. In Level 1, for instance, there's almost $1000 in additional course value in the shape of the 'Your Emotions, Needs and Boundaries' online training.

At Level II, Advanced Practitioner of Coaching, additional course value includes nearly $7000 in extras, such as a business program and Joe Pane's 'Human Behaviour DISC Profiling Online Training.'

Level III, Master Practitioner of Coaching, now includes—among other resources—the 'Breakthrough to Marketing Mastery' with Glam, 'How To Become An Online Speaker 4-Part Series' with Matt Lavars and Sharon Pearson's '4-Part Positive Psychology Masterclass'.

Total additional value? Almost $21,000. 

With Pro Coach now closed, Level III is where it's at.

"It's the first time in 15 years we've ever increased our prices, which speaks for itself about our priorities," says Glam.

"Our benchmark is always we triple the value of what the pack is."

We hope you're as pumped as we are to rock your world in these new ways!

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