Coach & Connect Sydney with Julie Alexander

“The brain and your business - understanding neuroscience to get your message heard” with Julie Alexander

Julie will be covering:
  • why it’s so important in a business setting to understand how the brain processes information
  • what to include to get your message past 'the gatekeeper’
  • simple ways to use this knowledge right now, to improve your business success
Julie is passionate about championing clients to ‘unplug from the matrix’, which means living life on-purpose, in line with your purpose and values; and on purpose, living consciously and creating your path as you go.
As a business performance and behavioural specialist, Julie focuses on creating business cultures in which individuals and teams thrive and developing individuals and teams to thrive in those cultures.  With over 25 years business experience, including with blue chip companies in the UK, Europe and in Australia, she is head of making it happen at The Private Coach, and has a book underway and a documentary in the pipeline.
When? Saturday the 31st of January, 2-4pm
Where? The Bat and Ball Hotel, 495 Cleveland Street, Corner of Cleveland and South Dowling
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Investment $20 at the door