10 inspiring coaching tips that keep happy people happy

Happiness is one of the greatest gifts you can master. Here's how to keep smiling inside and out and share the joy to those around you

Here's 10 inspiring coaching tips that keep happy people happy. But first, lets think about the dimensions of happiness and how we can use it for good:

  • You can keep it for yourself
  • You can inspire it in your friends and family
  • You can even give it to a stranger.

I want to share with you some of the little simple tricks happy people use to make sure they stay happy.

Get stuff done

It feels great to tick things off your list. Whether it’s something that’s been sitting there for a long time, or just going a simple good deed. Get it done and acknowledge how good it feels.

Express gratitude

Show people the gratitude they deserve. Never assume that someone knows how much they mean to you. Tell them and make their day.

Listen to music

Your favourite song has the most profound effect on you, have you noticed? It's one of the 10 inspiring coaching tips that keep happy people happy. Turn it up. Go wild. As the say, dance like no one is watching and sing like no one can hear.

Connect with nature

Go for a walk or even just find somewhere lovely to sit and observe the world for a while. Things move too fast. Just stop, embrace the busy, feel the wind in your hair and hear the rustle of the trees.

Learn something new

New skills give you the power to control new things. Learn something that will help you master an area of your life. Look at mindfulness, happiness, finances or a language.


Smiling is the simplest thing you can do to feel happy. It relaxes the face. Stretches the muscles, and fires off the neurotransmitters releasing happy hormones. Try it in front of the mirror and watch as you feel better by the moment.

Tell someone you love them

Vulnerability is the greatest strength. And it comes with the greatest rewards. Try it. Share it with a friend. Someone you’ve never said it to before or someone you haven’t said it to often enough. It’s ok to practise that in front of the mirror too.

Be creative

Unleash that passion, be free, create something that only has meaning for you. It’s important that we’re using both sides of our brain. Keep that creative spirit active.

Hang out with a passionate, positive & driven people

Being in the presence of awesome people is inspiring and it tends to rub off on you. Try spending time with people that are as happy as you want to be. Spend time with people who get results.  Spend time with people who know what they want.

Do a random act of kindness

We were meant to be with others, care about, love and help others. I've put this last on the list of 10 inspiring coaching tips that keep happy people happy, so it's the last thing you read and the first thing you now go and do!

This list is by no means exhaustive. We would love for you to leave a comment below and add to it.

Be sure to share this blog with anyone you think could use some inspiration and know things that make happy people happy.

Go forth and show the world what it means to be truly happy!