ICG Australian Coach of the Year Award 2020 nominations are open

As 2019 winner Dr Yasmin Raja shares her success tips, it's time to shine the spotlight on someone inside our coaching community's ranks who models everything being a successful coach encompasses.

Gather round, folks, it’s that time of the year again—nominations for the International Coach Guild (ICG) Australian Coach Of The Year Award 2020 are happening!

This is a really exciting opportunity for the coaching community to shine the spotlight on someone inside our ranks who stands out as a model for everything that being a successful coach encompasses.

Last year, the award was a really special thing to be a part of. We saw heaps of people nominate fellow coaches within the community, and awarded some truly special coaches as runners-up. And of course, we celebrated and anointed Dr Yasmin Raja Abdul as ICG Australian Coach Of The Year 2019.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of how you can get involved this year, we would like to share some inspiration from Dr Yasmin herself.

The Coaching Institute’s head trainer Matt Lavars sat down with Dr Yasmin, getting an inside scoop on her journey leading up to receiving the award, how it changed her life, and how she is currently living her dream.

Reminiscing upon the very special moment she was announced Coach Of The Year, Dr Yasmin recounts how things were not always rainbows and butterflies.

After migrating to Australia with four kids and dealing with the aftermath of multiple failed businesses, she eventually found herself in late 2017 with no identity, no direction, and negative five dollars in her bank. Heeding the advice of a friend, she looked up The Coaching Institute and eventually got the wakeup call she needed from trainer Joe Pane.

She knew this had to be a turning point in her life.

And so she challenged the voices that told her it would be easier to give up. She brushed off the disapproval and rejection from her loved ones. She made a choice—she joined the TCI community (even with that negative bank balance).

In the interview, Dr Yasmin shares the four valuable Cs she believes contributed to her success—staying Curious, Committed, Consistent and Cool (in terms of making lots of mistakes and not letting the ego freak out).

Dr Yasmin shared what changed when she was announced Australian Coach of the Year 2019:

When I received that award, it was no longer about me. It was about sharing my journey and my success with everyone ... the first thing that I saw changing within me, was that I started to believe in myself.

Another thing was that I started to become more curious with myself … I got the Coach of the Year award, but that did not mean I could become comfortable with myself. I became a learning machine. I put my ego aside. I became more humble with myself. Because now I can see my focus and direction clearly, I finally found what I had been searching for so long.

 “Happiness here, for me, was not about winning the award. It was for me to (be able to) go out there and start serving others. That has been the best journey ever.”

Today, Dr Yasmin is not only a beloved professional coach. She is also a marketing lecturer at Deakin University, and is onboard many coaching and mentoring collaborative projects with organisations internationally.

If you’re a fellow coach who resonates with Dr Yasmin’s story and would like to create the same level of success, here are her three golden tips:

  • Take that leap and be brave to make mistakes. Accept them.
  • Be obsessed with feedback. Throw your ego away and be a learning machine.
  • Model excellence. All the resources are already there—model the mindsets, the strategies, and be conscious and curious in the process.

Back to this year’s nominations: the nominee criteria may include an amazing attitude of service, embodiment of passion and determination, an insatiable desire to learn and grow, practicing gratitude.

In essence, people who are amazing demonstrations of what you believe it means to be a successful coach.

Now chances are … you already have a name in mind.

All you need to do is to click on through to this page and put the coach of your choice into the running.

Coach Of The Year 2020 will be announced during the ICG Annual Coaching Summit on November 7 and 8, 2020.


Lysha Lee is a psychology graduate and an advocate of physical and mental health and wellbeing. Passionate about research and its translation to practical applicability, she has conducted health research in clinical populations and settings. Now, as a researcher at The Coaching Institute, she is drawing upon positive and coaching psychology to push forth the evidence-based movement within the coaching industry. Lysha is an active member of Victoria's powerlifting community, a compulsive snacker and an avid pup lover.

Lysha Lee
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