Internationally Accredited Professional Coach

My team put it together straight after one of our most successful trainings to date. This was the launch of The Coaching Institute's newest and most highly recognised program; Accredited Professional Coach

A two day event where we collaborated, worked with and shared some of the industries most closed off secrets.

This program is so complete. It has everything someone with the hunger and drive to be the best could ever need.

Day one was facilitation, mentoring, performance management and advanced coaching.

Day two we raised the bar and explored, online marketing, selling from stage and dealing with crisis.

I asked the students in the room to get together and film this for you. They all were so excited to share everything we'd been learning.

Check out the clip below.

If the Accredited Professional Coach sounds like the program you need to become a part of, then why not find out more now.

My team is here for you right now. Here's their number 1800 094 927.