Leaders don’t overlook these 10 things in life

The saying goes leaders are born, not made. Do you believe that? Here's 10 things leaders do that other people might not see as important.

Leaders have a lot in common: strength, education, determination. One thing that's always the same is people can't help but follow them. And more than that, leaders don't overlook these 10 things in life.

When people need direction they look to their leader.

When they need support, they look to their leader.

When they need to know they are doing the right thing, they look to their leader.

Whether you’re in a leadership position right now, managing your own business or thinking about starting something new, leadership skills should always be on the top of your list.

Imagine being able to help people achieve their goals. Imagine being able to motivate people without having to push. Imagine being able to give people the feedback they need to be extraordinary.

This is what it means to be a leader.

I guarantee in some parts of your life you are already a great leader— in your community, work, friendship groups, family. You are leading by example. Setting the standards for what matters most and keeping others safe.

One of the core skills of leadership is being able to bring the best out in other people. Being there to catch them when they fall and push them even higher when they shine.

Here are 10 behaviours I’ve found crucial in my success as a leader. Leaders don't overlook these 10 things in life because they really matter, but most people overlook them.

  1. Humility— No one ever said being a leader was easy. People will fight for your position. People will say things that can hurt. But if you can master humility and just let it wash calmly over you, then you’ll become an outstanding example of great leadership.
  2. Selflessness—Leaders never think of themselves. Always look to see what you can do for others and you’ll be surrounded by incredible people. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have your moments—but make sure that you don’t let your selfish energy cross into your leadership space.
  3. Care—Leaders are never indifferent. They gather all the information and make the best decision they can. It’s not about always getting it right. It is about knowing why you made the choice and how it’s going to effect your team and community.
  1. Look forward—Leaders need to look into the future and make sure they know where the group is heading. They need to plan ahead and take action right now to make sure that they get there. Don’t concern yourself with what’s already happened, focus on what you’ve learned and how that can change your outcome moving forward.
  2. Manage your state—Great leaders always seem to be a pool of calm clarity. No matter how stressful the situation is they will always do what they team needs and be the person people can lean on. Leadership does not have space for meltdowns and moments. The metaphor we use is the graceful swan: calm and deliberate on the surface and kicking like mad under the water out of sight.
  3. Long term staying power—No one needs a short term leader. Leadership from leaders who don't overlook these 10 things in life is about getting people to stay on track and maintain focus for the long haul. One of the most important parts of this is having the perseverance to make it through hard times of non-result.
  4. Consistency in energy—Great leaders never break a sweat. They never rush. They never lag. They are consistent and they take care of themselves, both in body and in mind.
  5. Transparency—Reflect the true results of yourself and your team. There is no point for a leader to sugar coat a situation or to boost numbers when they aren’t there. Be honest with yourself and transparent with you team.
  6. Be cool, calm and collected—Don’t waste energy panicking, stressing or deliberating things you can’t control. Focus on what matters and where you can make the biggest difference
  7. Constant education—Things change in a rapid rate in this world. Don’t stay a rookie for too long.  Learn what you need to learn and do it with commitment consistently. Always stay one step ahead of your competition and aligned with your team. Be the example.