How Lauren Shines!

Today we want to take a moment and celebrate the outstanding Lauren for letting herself shine bright and achieve the results she truly deserves

At TCI we set our team members free

Free to create the role they want.
Free to help people achieve their dreams.
Free to learn and grow in whatever direction fills them with passion.

Lauren has an absolute heart of gold.
Every single day I have the pleasure of sitting next to her; listening to the change she helps everyone make.

which course is right for me

No one can spend an hour or even just 10 minutes with Lauren and not feel something has shifted.

She has unique perspective and the kind of motivation, determination and drive that makes you know she’ll go far.

Lauren Kehoe 2

Lauren is the honorary holder of the golden star WOW trophy. She’ll hang onto it until some else WOW’s her so much that she needs to pass it on.

 Congratulations Lauren! So well deserved.