Make progress visible, explode your results with the right mentor

Are you fed up because you can’t see results?

Do you want some simple, easy tips and models to use straight away?

Would understanding some crucial rules get you cranking?

Because if you don’t design the game the way you want it, chances are you are being played.

Get back in the game and change the rules to suit you!

In this short sharp presentation John will give you the final pieces to blast through that plateau and design the game the way you really want it!

In this highly interactive session you will:

  • Create ‘Habit Adherence’
  • Get clear on ‘The Progress That Matters’
  • Find & Attract the right Mentor
  • Recognize the right ‘Rules of the Game’
  • Understand your ‘Gaps’
  • How to stop ‘Friendtoring’
  • Take away 3 models you can implement now!

What can you offer as a bonus take away?

A leadership profile checklist to assist them in understanding whom they want to attract as a mentor by understanding their ‘Gaps’

One lucky participant will receive a signed copy of my latest book “Quest to Freedom the Journey to Insight Success and Happiness

Not So Serious Side

John originally hails from Ireland, moving to Australia in 1992. For many years, he enjoyed a stellar career in hospitality, holding positions as an Executive Chef in five star establishments, before he got into management and finally education.

Although, it was after two consecutive retrenchments, one during the 2008 GFC, and again in 2010 when new government legislation took effect, that he really began to question the direction and purpose of his life. “I wanted to know what made me tick, and I wanted to regain control and have total responsibility and choice over my life’s direction”. And so, the quest of self-discovery began for the ultimate prize of freedom, success and happiness.

John is a serial growth junkie, has a tendency to swear a little to much, and is fanatical about ‘self’ leadership and motivation, educating clients about taking responsibility, and empowering themselves within their lives, careers and relationships. He says, “It’s about finding what works for you. What does success and happiness mean for you?  And why on ‘Gods Good Earth’ are you sabotaging yourself?”

He divides his time between his wife Kerry, and their two beautiful children Hugo and Mim and his faithful dog, a Golden Retriever called Sasha.

The Serious Side

John holds a Bachelors Degree in Applied Management Studies, an Advanced Diploma of Management, a Diploma in Life Coaching Studies, Certificate IV in both Business and Workplace Training & Assessment. He is also a Master NLP Practitioner. Combine all this with his PCC accreditation, and you know you are working with someone who is committed to their craft.

He is a published author,  of the aptly titled ‘Quest to Freedom, a Journey to insight, success and happiness’ with two more in the pipeline. His work in the corporate sector ranges from RACV, Apples & Pears Entertainment Group, Mortgage Choice, through to the Mc Donald Real Estate Franchise. His private clients are professionals and senior executives.