The Art of Extraordinary Relationships

3 Things every person needs to know about how to create an extraordinary relationship

3 Things every person needs to know about how to create an extraordinary relationship:

Have your clients (or you) ever expressed that:

  • They have a loving relationship but want more sex
  • They want to know what happened to the fun, adventure & passion they used to have with their partner
  • They feel lost and disconnected from their partner and don’t know what to do about it
  • They want to find the “Love of their Life”
  • They wonder how they can have it “all” – a loving relationship, a fulfilling career/business and happy children

In this fun and practical workshop, Maxine & Edwin will share some powerful insights and effective strategies that you can take back to your coaching clients to help them transform their relationships.

You will learn:

  • The Importance of cultivating a deep Friendship with your partner
  • The dynamics of Masculine and Feminine energy & why the modern version of “Equal” relationships can destroy Sex
  • The Power of “Giving Birth”
  • How You are the Most important person in your relationship

And you may even learn a thing or two on how to improve your own relationship along the way. Maxine has worked in various leadership, coaching & training roles in the Financial Services Industry over the past decade. After one of those powerful “Aha” moments she decided to pursue her passion of assisting others to have mad passionate extraordinary relationships.

Following the completion of The Authentic Man Program in San Francisco, Edwin realised that his passion was working with Men and helping them discover what it means to be a real Man in today’s world.

Serendipity step in one day & brought them together. But what they realised early on was that meeting that 1 in 7 billion was the easy part.  Their personal & coaching journeys taught them that great relationships don’t just happen. Extraordinary couples educate themselves and are intentional about developing their relationship.  So they decided to do exactly that. However, quality, practical information was difficult to come by… thus The Romance Guide was born.

The Romance Guide is a platform where couples are inspired and educated on ways to keep the flames of passion burning in their relationship for years to come.  Our mission is to assist couples to understand the simple yet often over looked principles of how a loving relationship works so that they can have the passionate extraordinary relationship they deserve.